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SmartAssembly.Attributes Namespace

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Public classDoNotCaptureAttribute
When added to any type (class, enum, interface, or struct), prevents that type's fields from being included in error reports.
Public classDoNotCaptureVariablesAttribute
Prevent variables from being included in error reports.
Public classDoNotEncodeStringsAttribute
Exclude the member from Strings Encoding.
Public classDoNotMoveAttribute
Prevent the method from being moved to another type if Method Parent Obfuscation is turned on. Note that a method with any attribute is automatically excluded from moving.
Public classDoNotMoveMethodsAttribute
Prevent all methods in the class from being moved to another type if Method Parent Obfuscation is turned on.
Public classDoNotObfuscateAttribute
Exclude the member from obfuscation.
Public classDoNotObfuscateControlFlowAttribute
Do not apply Control Flow Obfuscation.
Public classDoNotObfuscateTypeAttribute
Exclude the type definition, as well as all the type's members from obfuscation.
Public classDoNotPruneAttribute
Exclude the type definition from pruning.
Public classDoNotPruneTypeAttribute
Exclude the type definition, as well as all type's members, from pruning.
Public classDoNotSealTypeAttribute
Do not seal the type. This overrides the option to automatically seal all possible classes.
Public classEncodeStringsAttribute
If Strings Encoding is turned on in options, revert the effect of DoNotEncodeStringsAttribute set on a parent member.
Public classExcludeFromMemberRefsProxyAttribute
Turn off References Dynamic Proxy for this member.
Public classForceObfuscateAttribute
Force element to be obfuscated, even if it was excluded by safety mechanisms. Takes precedence over DoNotObfuscateAttribute!
Public classObfuscateControlFlowAttribute
Turn on control flow obfuscation. This overrides the control flow obfuscation level set in the SmartAssembly project.
Public classObfuscateNamespaceToAttribute
Force the type to be in a chosen namespace.
Public classObfuscateToAttribute
Force the type or field to be renamed to a chosen name. Only rename methods if Advanced Renaming Algorithm is used.
Public classReportExceptionAttribute
Report any unhandled exception, which occurs in this method. This is useful for DLLs because it saves you catching exceptions yourself and passing the exceptions to SmartAssembly.
Public classReportUsageAttribute
Increment feature usage counter each time the method is ran. By default, the method's name is used for the feature name.
Public classStayPublicAttribute
Ensure the member remains public after obfuscation. When SmartAssembly obfuscates some members, they may become internal. This can stop other applications from post-processing the obfuscated code.