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Client API (JavaScript)

Many aspects of a PdfWebControl / PdfWebControlLite instance can be controlled via client-side JavaScript

Client Side Interfaces

At this time only the PdfWebControlApi Class can be used to interface with a PdfWebControl instance.

PdfWebControlApi Class

The PdfWebControlApi Class for JavaScript can be used to assist with web application integration and allow for smooth PostBacks to your ASP.NET application

An instance of the PdfWebControlApi can be created to interface with a single PdfWebControl instance. This is done by creating an instance of the PdfWebControlApi class via the PdfWebControlApi Constructor. When constructing an instance of the PdfWebControlApi class, the ID of the PdfWebControl instance which you wish to interface with must be passed as a parameter. For example:

var myApi = new PdfWebControlApi("PdfWebControl1"); // where "PdfWebControl1" is the ID (ClientID) assigned to the PdfWebControl instance

Methods of the PdfWebControlApi class can then be called. For example:

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