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RadPdf.Exceptions Namespace

This namespace supplies classes representing the Exceptions thrown externally if an error occurs.
Public classRadPdfDatabaseException
RAD PDF Raised Database Related Exception
Public classRadPdfDatabaseNotFoundException
RAD PDF raised database resource or data not found exception
Public classRadPdfDocumentEditorException
RAD PDF Raised Document Editor Related Exception
Public classRadPdfDocumentException
RAD PDF Raised Document Related Exception
Public classRadPdfDocumentKeyNotFoundException
RAD PDF raised document key or related resource not found exception
Public classRadPdfDocumentProcessingException
RAD PDF Raised Document Processing Related Exception
Public classRadPdfException
RAD PDF Raised Exception
Public classRadPdfImageConversionException
RAD PDF Raised Image Conversion Related Exception
Public classRadPdfLicensingException
RAD PDF Raised Licensing Exception
Public classRadPdfMessagingException
RAD PDF Raised Messaging Related Exception
Public classRadPdfPdfException
RAD PDF Raised PDF Related Exception
Public classRadPdfPdfProcessingException
RAD PDF Raised PDF Processing Related Exception
Public classRadPdfPdfProcessingMaxPageHeightException
RAD PDF Raised PDF Processing Max Page Height Related Exception
Public classRadPdfPdfProcessingMaxPagesException
RAD PDF Raised PDF Processing Max Pages Related Exception
Public classRadPdfPdfProcessingMaxPageWidthException
RAD PDF Raised PDF Processing Max Page Width Related Exception
Public classRadPdfPdfProcessingParameterException
RAD PDF Raised PDF Processing Parameter Exception
Public classRadPdfPdfProcessingParserException
RAD PDF Raised PDF Processing Exception while parsing a PDF file
Public classRadPdfPdfProcessingPasswordException
RAD PDF Raised PDF Processing Password Related Exception
Public classRadPdfPdfProcessingXfaFormException
RAD PDF Raised PDF Processing XFA Form Related Exception
Public classRadPdfRequestException
RAD PDF Raised Request Exception
Public classRadPdfStateException
RAD PDF Raised State Related Exception
Public classRadPdfTiffConversionException
RAD PDF Raised TIFF Conversion Related Exception