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RadPdf.Data.Document.Common Namespace

This namespace supplies common and helper classes for reading and manipulating PDF documents.
Public classPdfFont
Defines a particular format for text, including font face, size, and style attributes for use by a PdfObject. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classPdfPath
Stores a path made of points.
Public classPdfSearchResult
Represents a search result in a PdfDocument.
Public classPdfSignatureInfo
Represents the signature data of a PdfObject.
Public classPdfSubmitAction
A class representing the submit action of a PdfButtonField.
Public structurePdfBorder
Represents the border of a PdfObject.
Public structurePdfColor
Represents a color, for use by various PdfObject properties and other attributes of a PdfDocument.
Public structurePdfRectangle
Stores a set of four integers that represent the location and size of a rectangle describing part of a PdfDocument.
Public enumerationPdfArrowOrientation
PdfArrowShape orientation.
Public enumerationPdfBidiTextMode
Defines the bidirectional text mode for a PDF document.
Public enumerationPdfBorderStyle
Specifies the style of border represented in a PdfBorder structure.
Public enumerationPdfCheckType
Check box / check mark symbol type
Public enumerationPdfColorSpace
PDF color space
Public enumerationPdfEncryptionAlgorithm
PDF Encryption Algorithm
Public enumerationPdfFieldDataFormat
PDF form field data export format.
Public enumerationPdfHorizontalAlignment
Font / text horizontal alignment
Public enumerationPdfImageFit
Image fit type
Public enumerationPdfImageFormat
Image format type
Public enumerationPdfRotation
Object / page rotation
Public enumerationPdfSignatureShapeInputMethods
PDF signature shape input methods available to the user.
Public enumerationPdfUnit
Specifies a unit.