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PdfLiteSettingsMaxPdfPages Property

Namespace:  RadPdf.Lite
Assembly:  RadPdf (in RadPdf.dll) Version: (
public int MaxPdfPages { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: Int32
The maximum number of pages allowed to be loaded; otherwise NoMaxPdfPages for no maximum. The default value is NoMaxPdfPages.
ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionMaxPdfPages can not be less than 0.

Setting this property to NoMaxPdfPages (default) will allow a PDF with any number of pages to be loaded.

If ThrowMaxPagesException is true and the document contains more than MaxPdfPages, an exception will be thrown.

If ThrowMaxPagesException is false and the document contains more than MaxPdfPages, the document will be truncated and all pages in excess of MaxPdfPages will be deleted.

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