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PdfDocumentEditorAppend Method (Int32, PdfPageSize)

Appends 1 or more blank pages to this Document and saves the resulting document to database (along with any other changes made by the PdfDocumentEditor).

Namespace:  RadPdf.Data.Document
Assembly:  RadPdf (in RadPdf.dll) Version: (
public void Append(
	int pageCount,
	PdfPageSize pageSize


Type: SystemInt32
The number of pages in the new blank document
Type: RadPdf.Data.Document.PagesPdfPageSize
The size of each page in the new blank document

A document can only be appended to if the document is fully rendered. To check if a document is fully rendered, use CheckIsRendered.

Because the document is re-built after appending, some references to children of Document, Fields, and Pages may no longer be valid. We recommend retrieving the necessary references again using this PdfDocumentEditor class in its current state.

If DisableAppend is set for this Document, this method will throw an exception.

This method will create and use a database connection.

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