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PdfIntegrationProviderPdfWebControlResources Property

Gets or sets a ResourceManager used by the PdfWebControl for visible resources (e.g. text strings used in the interface).

Namespace:  RadPdf.Integration
Assembly:  RadPdf (in RadPdf.dll) Version: (
public ResourceManager PdfWebControlResources { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: ResourceManager
A ResourceManager that contains resources by the PdfWebControl.

This property can be used to customize or localize the appearance of PdfWebControl instances. For example, string resources can be set in the language of your choice, providing a localized RAD PDF GUI (graphical user interface). For additional assistance with localization of RAD PDF, please contact Red Software.

By default, the internal control resources are used (if this property is null or the set ResourceManager does not contain a needed value).

The value of this property is typically only retrieved when the application is starting. To increase performance, information passed to it is cached server-side until the application is restarted and is cached client-side until deleted.

Multiple resource files specifying information for multiple cultures / languages / localizations can be used. In such a case, the culture to use for any PdfWebControl instance is specified with the CultureName property. For example, a web application's App_GlobalResources or App_LocalResources folder can contain resource files named CustomResources.resx (to be used as the default / fallback locale) and (to be used when CultureName is set to the name of a culture using Spanish, e.g. "es" or "es-MX").

The following example overrides the default PdfIntegrationProvider to create a custom Integration Provider for the web application.
using System;
using System.Web;

using RadPdf.Integration;

public class CustomPdfIntegrationProvider : PdfIntegrationProvider
    public CustomPdfIntegrationProvider() : base()
        //Set the PdfWebControl's resources using a resource file in this web application's App_GlobalResources or App_LocalResources folder named CustomResources.resx
        this.PdfWebControlResources = Resources.CustomResources.ResourceManager;
The following web.config file registers the above custom Integration Provider. This example assumes that CustomPdfIntegrationProvider is in the directory App_Code of your ASP.NET web application.
<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <add key="RadPdfConnectionString" value="Server=.\SQLExpress;Database=RadPdf;Trusted_Connection=Yes;"/>
    <add key="RadPdfLicenseKey" value="DEMO"/>
    <add key="RadPdfIntegrationProvider" value="CustomPdfIntegrationProvider,App_Code"/>
      <add path="RadPdf.axd" verb="GET,POST" type="RadPdf.Web.HttpHandler.PdfHttpHandler"/>
    The system.webServer element is for use with IIS 7 (and later) when Managed Pipeline Mode is set to "Integrated".
    It will be ignored in other versions of IIS.
    <validation validateIntegratedModeConfiguration="false"/>
      <add path="RadPdf.axd" verb="GET,POST" name="PdfHttpHandler" preCondition="integratedMode" type="RadPdf.Web.HttpHandler.PdfHttpHandler"/>
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