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PdfWebControlDisableKeyboardShortcuts Property

Gets or sets a value indicating whether keyboard shortcuts in this PdfWebControl are disabled.

Namespace:  RadPdf.Web.UI
Assembly:  RadPdf (in RadPdf.dll) Version: (
public bool DisableKeyboardShortcuts { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: Boolean
true if keyboard shortcuts should be disabled; otherwise false and keyboard shortcuts are enabled. The default is false.

Below are list of the keyboard shortcuts which are enabled / disabled:

Alt + EnterIf an object is selected, display its properties
arrow keys
  • If an object is selected and moveable, moves the object
  • If a combo or list form field is selected and not moveable, changes the selection
Ctrl + BIf an object which supports font styling, bold is toggled
Ctrl + IIf an object which supports font styling, italic is toggled
Ctrl + FSets focus to the search text box
Ctrl + PPrints the current document
Ctrl + SSaves the current document
Ctrl + UIf a text shape, underline is toggled
DeleteDeletes the selected object, if any
EnterIf a check or radio form field is selected, toggle selection
EscDisable the current user tool
SpaceIf a check or radio form field is selected, toggle selection
TabIf a form field is selected, focus is advanced to the next field as set by the tab order

NOTE: The above shortcut keys are for Windows. On OS X, use Command (⌘) instead of Ctrl.

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