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view Property

Gets a PdfView Class containing information about what portion of the loaded document is now being viewed.


Property Value

Type: PdfView Class

The view information and state of this PdfWebControlApi Class at the time that the "viewChanged" event is raised.


This property is read-only and should not be set to.

The following example uses the ViewChangedEventArgs Class to handle the "viewChanged" event of the PdfWebControlApi Class.
//declare event handler function (which accepts an object of type ViewChangedEventArgs as an argument)
function viewChangedHandler(evt)
    //show current view information
    window.alert("View changed. You are now viewing page #" + + " at " + evt.view.zoom + "%");

//get API class
var myApi = new PdfWebControlApi("PdfWebControl1"); // where "PdfWebControl1" is the ID (ClientID) assigned to the PdfWebControl instance

//attach event handler to objectAdded event
myApi.addEventListener("viewChanged", viewChangedHandler);
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