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PdfFont Properties

The PdfFont Class exposes the following properties.


Changes made to these properties will not affect the object represented by a PdfObject Class until the setProperties Method is called with a PdfObjectProperties Class parameter which has this object set as its font property.

NameDescriptionProperty Type
name Represents the family name of the font. String
alignment Represents the horizontal alignment of text using this font. HorizontalAlignmentType Enumeration
color Represents the color of text using this font. String (Representing a color in hexadecimal format, e.g. #000000)
size Represents the text size. (TextField and ComboField objects can specify 0 for autosized fields.) Integer
bold Indicates whether the text is bold. Boolean
italic Indicates whether the text is italicized. Boolean
underline Indicates whether the text is underlined. (TextShape objects only.) Boolean
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