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ObjectType Enumeration

The PdfWebControlApi Class exposes the ObjectType enumeration (enum) which defines valid types of a PdfObject Class.

ArrowShape (PdfArrowShape) Indicates an arrow PDF shape object.
CheckShape (PdfCheckShape) Indicates a check PDF shape object.
EllipseShape (PdfEllipseShape) Indicates an ellipse PDF shape object.
ImageShape (PdfImageShape) Indicates an image PDF shape object.
InkShape (PdfInkShape) Indicates an ink (freeform / freehand) PDF shape object.
LineShape (PdfLineShape) Indicates a line PDF shape object.
RectangleShape (PdfRectangleShape) Indicates a rectangle PDF shape object.
SignatureShape (PdfSignatureShape) Indicates a signature PDF shape object.
TextShape (PdfTextShape) Indicates a text PDF shape object.
WhiteoutShape (PdfWhiteoutShape) Indicates a whiteout PDF shape object.
ButtonField (PdfButtonField) Indicates a button PDF form field object.
CheckField (PdfButtonField) Indicates a checkbox PDF form field object.
ComboField (PdfComboField) Indicates a combo (drop down) PDF form field object.
ListField (PdfListField) Indicates a list PDF form field object.
RadioField (PdfRadioField) Indicates a radio PDF form field object.
SignatureField (PdfSignatureField) Indicates a signature PDF form field object.
TextField (PdfTextField) Indicates a text PDF form field object.
CaretAnnotation (PdfCaretAnnotation) Indicates a caret (insert) PDF annotation object.
CircleAnnotation (PdfCircleAnnotation) Indicates a circle PDF annotation object.
HighlightAnnotation (PdfHighlightAnnotation) Indicates a highlight PDF annotation object.
LinkAnnotation (PdfLinkAnnotation) Indicates a link (URL or page link) PDF annotation object.
PopupAnnotation (PdfPopupAnnotation) Indicates a popup PDF annotation object. (This type of annotation can not be directly created.)
SquareAnnotation (PdfSquareAnnotation) Indicates a square PDF annotation object.
StrikeoutAnnotation (PdfStrikeoutAnnotation) Indicates a strikeout PDF annotation object.
TextAnnotation (PdfTextAnnotation) Indicates a text (sticky note) PDF annotation object.
UnderlineAnnotation (PdfUnderlineAnnotation) Indicates a underline PDF annotation object.
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