RAD PDF Release Notes

This file is updated with general information about changes made to RAD PDF

Version 3.37

SQL Server improvements for .NET Core / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Feature Updates
  • Core / .NET 5+ build dependency switched from System.Data.SqlClient to Microsoft.Data.SqlClient so that new SQL Server features can be used
Bug Fixes
  • Highlight annotation bounding boxes were sometimes too small
  • Some invisible signatures were not imported
  • Toggling highlights back on did not show radio form field highlight correctly

Released 2023-05-16 (download)

Version 3.36.1

Required field improvements and important bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • IPdfFieldRequired is now publicly defined
  • PdfCheckField.HasValue property added
  • PdfCheckField.Required property added
Bug Fixes
  • A negative PDF object number caused a crash on 32-bit Windows
  • A PDF file defining a stream object with a malformed length could cause an overflow
  • Windows font loader: The duplicate check for user font files considered the font file name but not the full path

Released 2023-03-29 (download)

Version 3.36

Page label support and radio field highlight improvements

Feature Updates
  • Additional PDF files can now be repaired (e.g. some streams with invalid definitions)
  • DisablePageLabels property added to PdfWebControl / PdfWebControlLite
  • Object properties & delete buttons can now more easily be used on mobile
  • Page labels are now imported from PDF documents and shown in GUI by default
  • PageLabel property added to PdfPage class
  • Radio fields with circular check marks are now highlighted inside circle only (can be disabled to save resources)
Bug Fixes
  • Radio form fields with circular check marks clipped some content outside of the rendered circle
  • Rendering: The special colorant Black produced an inverted image if the color space was used by a 1 bit image

Released 2023-02-28 (download)

Version 3.35

ASP.NET Core 7 ready and important bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • .NET Core 7.0 compatibility added
  • Admin Tool minimize button added
Bug Fixes
  • Admin Tool service status icon sometimes flickered
  • Annotation "creationDate" and "modifiedDate" did not apply timezone properly

Released 2023-01-18 (download)

Version 3.34

Improved PDF collection / portfolio support and Server API improvements

Feature Updates
  • Corrections added for more basic PDF file corruptions / syntax errors
  • PdfButtonField.NamedAction property added
  • PdfButtonField.IsNamedAction property added
  • PdfButtonField() constructor added - PdfButtonFields can be created by Server API (and have actions set)
  • PdfLiteSettings.ConvertMeaninglessCollections property added
  • PdfObjectCreatable.FormFieldButton added
  • PdfWebControl.ConvertMeaninglessCollections property added
  • PdfWebControl.DisableResponsive property added
  • PdfWebControlLite.DisableResponsive property added
  • "Meaningless" catalog collections (single PDF in container with root document asking for a reader "upgrade") now removed using ConvertMeaninglessCollections property
  • Scrolling now more quickly loads next page
Bug Fixes
  • Form field borders didn't always render correctly
  • PdfSignatureShapes didn't always render popup pen input correctly
  • Reloading document caused some objects to not be properly re-rendered in IE11
Breaking Changes
  • PdfWebControl.CollapsibleViewerSide default is now true
  • PdfWebControlLite.CollapsibleViewerSide default is now true

Released 2022-12-14 (download)

Version 3.33

Client API improvements and important bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Modified date is now updated for annotations when changed in the GUI
  • Named action support improved
  • "wrapped" property added to Client API for PdfObjects
Bug Fixes
  • Field options weren't always properly updated when multiple field instances existed on pages not yet loaded
  • PdfButtonFields and PdfSignatureFields could not be deleted, even when RenderUnsupportedPdfFeatures=false, for non-Lite documents
  • PdfUnderlineAnnotations were not always properly encoded in PDF output, sometimes causing visibility issues if saved and re-opened
  • Wrapped PdfTextShapes with CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) text did not always wrap properly in PDF output

Released 2022-10-25 (download)

Version 3.32

PDF JavaScript support improvements and important bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Buttons with named actions are now partially supported (e.g. print, next page, etc)
  • PdfMarkupAnnotation.ModifiedDate property added
  • PDF JavaScript implementation now includes "display" object
  • PDF JavaScript implementation now supports .setItems() method
  • RadPdfPdfProcessingParserException.PdfData property added
Bug Fixes
  • app.alert method was not well implemented for PDF JavaScript in some browsers
  • Downloads immediately after a server side forced document reload did not properly reload the page content in some browsers
  • Drop down form fields showed drop down arrow handle when read-only (Acrobat does not show it if read-only)
  • CreationDate month was wrong for new annotations
  • PdfCircleAnnotations and PdfSquareAnnotations did not properly import creation date
  • PNG images added to PDF files did not always preserve their transparency

Released 2022-09-13 (download)

Version 3.31

API updates and important bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • "lockHeight" and "lockWidth" properties added to Client API for PdfObjects
  • PdfObject.LockWidth and PdfObject.LockHeight properties added to PdfObject
  • PDF processing speed improvements, including improvements with processing leading zeros, named destinations, and more
Bug Fixes
  • Client API did not allow visible and other common object properties of PdfSignatureShapes to be set (they could be set using the Server API)
  • Security improvement related to damaged PDF files (a buffer overrun occurred if a damaged PDF file ended within an xref offset)
  • Security improvement related to rendering PDF files with a nested transparency group (a memory leak could occur if an out of memory exception occurred)
  • The appearance streams of PdfComboFields or PdfListFields with multiple instances (more than one with the same name) were not updated after changing the selected value

Released 2022-07-05 (download)

Version 3.30

Signature integration improvements, RenderAtClient updates, and important bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Client API updated to include PdfObject.copySignatureTo() method
  • PdfSignatureShape.AddPath() method added
  • RenderAtClient rendering engine improved
Bug Fixes
  • PdfDocumentEditor.Append(PdfLiteSession) did not correctly copy all data from document being appended
  • PdfDocumentEditor.Append(PdfLiteSession) unnecessarily threw a RadPdfDatabase exception
  • Security improvement related to DeviceN processing
  • Security improvement related to form field font processing

Released 2022-05-24 (download)

Version 3.29

Offline use, RenderAtClient improved, and important bug fixes

Feature Updates Bug Fixes
  • Certificate signed PDF output was corrupt in some cases
  • mmmm and mmm formatting didn't work when the month name contained reserved letters
  • Text selection location was sometimes incorrect

Released 2022-04-12

Version 3.28

New PDF encryption options, Safari workarounds, and other bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • PdfDocumentSecurity.EncryptionAlgorithm property added
  • PdfEncryptionAlgorithm enumeration added
  • RadPdfService -clearcache argument support added
  • Work around added for iOS Safari 15 text magnifying glass causing issues
  • Work around added for Safari which printed an extra blank page between pages in some cases because Safari does not fully support CSS @page directives
Bug Fixes
  • Form fields with multiple instances appeared on the wrong page in some instances
  • New PdfCircleAnnotations and PdfSquareAnnotations did not properly setup their border widths or child popup annotations
  • Radio form field export values were sometimes improperly imported
  • ThenReload property caused download button not to be shown on iOS
  • Uniscribe related CTL / Complex Text Layout fixes

Released 2022-03-01

Version 3.27

Complex text layout / script (e.g. Arabic, Thai) support, per annotation / field flattening, and important bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • DefaultPdfLiteSessionProvider now implements IUpdateableLiteSessionProvider
  • Empty document uploads now preserve their file name in the XML and are used by default for downloads
  • Flatten individual annotations or form fields using the client or server API
  • IUpdateableLiteSessionProvider interface added allowing PdfLiteSessionProviders to be updated for empty documents
  • PdfAdvancedSettings.UseUniscribe property added, allowing for complex text layouts and scripts
  • PdfAnnotation.Flatten property added
  • PdfField.Flatten property added
  • PdfWebControlLite.CreateEmptyDocument() and PdfWebControlLite.CreateEmptyDocument(settings) overloads added
  • RenderAtClient engine improvements
  • Support added for complex scripts like Arabic, Thai, Devanagari, Lao, etc. using Uniscribe
Bug Fixes
  • AFDate_KeystrokeEx() implementation blocked letter input for mmm / mmmm formated text fields
  • After saving, some PDF forms using calcuation scripts broke if attached to a field with a parent
  • ExportValue value for some radio fields was imported incorrectly
  • RAD PDF System Service in memory cache could survive on disk cache, causing rendering issues, in rare cases

Released 2022-01-11

Version 3.26

ASP.NET 6 ready, form field formatting, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • .NET 6 support added
  • PdfWebControl.FlattenInput property added
  • Text field formatted values now add format to appearance stream
  • Visual Studio 2022 / .NET 6 sample code added
Bug Fixes
  • Date picker did not signal a document change and could not be undone
  • JavaScript error occurred when typing in some form fields in Internet Explorer 8
  • PdfComboFields were not properly formatted by formatting scripts

Released 2021-11-17

Version 3.25

Page preloading options, Safari 15 support, and other updates

Feature Updates
  • PdfWebControl.DisablePreloading property added
  • PdfWebControlLite.DisablePreloading property added
  • RAD PDF now renders page before and after any other rendered page by default
Bug Fixes
  • Safari 15 on macOS canvas bug work around added for small checkboxes and other small, drawn objects.

Released 2021-10-19

Version 3.24

Rendering improvements, new date picker, and other updates

Feature Updates
  • Date formatting now supports mmm and mmmm date formats
  • Date picker added to allow text form fields formatted for date input to be selected using a drop down date picker
  • PdfWebControl.DisableDatePicker property added
  • PdfWebControlLite.DisableDatePicker property added
Bug Fixes
  • On demand rendering errors were not always properly logged
  • PDF repairing improvements
  • Server side rendering bug fixes
  • Toggle highlights wasn't shown when if form fields aren't editable

Released 2021-09-28

Version 3.23

.NET Standard 2.0 support, NuGet package for all platforms, and other important updates

Feature Updates
  • .NET Standard 2.0 support added
  • NuGet package for RAD PDF using .NET Core, .NET Framework 3.5/4.x, or .NET 5
  • RenderAtClient renderer updated to latest version for non-IE11 browsers
Bug Fixes
  • iOS 12 and earlier could not edit pre-existing form fields (or other non-moveable objects)
  • JPEG decoder would fail, inconsistently, when rendering some PDF pages

Released 2021-08-24

Version 3.22

Render pages server side without the RAD PDF Service

Feature Updates
  • PdfAdvancedSettings.AllowHttpHandlerRendering property added
  • Setting UseService to false allows server side rendering without RAD PDF Service
  • UseService shortcut property added to RadPdfCoreMiddlewareSettings (.NET Core / .NET 5 only)
Bug Fixes
  • Client API documentation fix
  • WebKit based browsers would scroll RAD PDF iframe to top when clicking some buttons in the interface

Released 2021-07-22

Version 3.21

Rendering efficiency improvements for large files, Client API updates, and important bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Cancel button for PdfSignatureShape with popup is now hidden by default, but responds to ESC key
  • Client API .reload() method added
  • Docs maintenance script improvement
  • Memory usage reduced and rendering speed significantly increased when rendering pages server-side for large PDF documents containing many pages
Bug Fixes
  • Infinite loop when loading files with damaged named destinations
  • Right aligned or RTL text in combo boxes was cut off by drop down arrow
  • Thumbnails shifted in DOM needlessly before rendering

Released 2021-06-01

Version 3.20.5

Minor product improvements and bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • RadPdfPdfProcessingParserException class added, allowing for a distinction between an exception caused by the file's syntax and other RadPdfPdfProcessingExceptions
  • RadPdfPdfProcessingParserException.ShowFriendlyMessage added, allowing for a more friendly message to be shown when uploading a corrupt file to an empty document (instead of a generic server error)
  • Resource files updated
Bug Fixes
  • Object properties dialog threw exception for combo / drop down and list box form fields
  • ConvertImageToPdf did not work for empty documents
  • Exception loading PDF files with an empty BBox
  • Images with a compressed size smaller than 256 bytes did not render in some cases
  • Search without results showed wrong error message in GUI
  • Type1 font use related rendering fixes

Released 2021-04-26

Version 3.20

New empty document containers and uploader improvements

Feature Updates
  • AJAX error messages improved, especially for uploads
  • CSS improvements for upload dialogs
  • PdfWebControlLite.CreateEmptyDocument() method added allowing for easy user loading of PDF files
  • PdfIntegrationProvider.OnDocumentUploading() method added
Bug Fixes
  • CORS could cause an exception when checking viewport scaling
  • Drag and drop of images for PdfSignatureShapes did not upload properly
  • Hovering over some tools made them disappear
  • PdfSignatureShapes without popup input were not easily signed on touch devices
  • Viewstate was not always properly loaded or restored

Released 2021-03-16

Version 3.19.5

Mobile device improvements

Feature Updates
  • Android pinch-to-zoom improvements
  • BasePath property added to PdfWebControl / PdfWebControlLite
  • Form field border style improvements
  • RenderAtClient rendering improvements
  • ServicePdfLiteSessionProvider added
Bug Fixes
  • Pinch-to-zoom did not work properly on non-page container elements on iOS
  • Pinch-to-zoom was choppy or jumpy on some devices
  • Pinch-to-zoom with RenderAtClient caused unhanded exceptions
  • Popup annotations sometimes lost style information when editing

Released 2021-02-16

Version 3.19

Mobile device enhancements and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • DisableTouchGestures added to PdfWebControl / PdfWebControlLite
  • Pinch-to-zoom gesture support added to RAD PDF main view
  • Rendering speed improved for PDF files using JPEG 2000 images
  • Zoom to center
Bug Fixes
  • Markup annotation values with non-ANSI text didn't properly embed some Rich Content / Rich Text
  • Markup annotations with a rich text value which did not match the plain text should was not ignored, per the PDF specification

Released 2021-01-21

Version 3.18.5

ASP.NET 5 ready and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • .NET 5 support added
  • PdfLiteSession can be deserialized and serialized using a custom IFormatter
  • PdfLiteSessionFormatter class added
Bug Fixes
  • RenderUnsupported was ignored when using RenderAtClient with Lite Documents

Released 2020-12-14

Version 3.18

Client API and PdfDocumentEditor improvements

Feature Updates
  • Client API event "objectKeypress" added
  • Client API property "editMode" added to PdfObjectProperties
  • CMap files updated
  • PdfButtonField.Label property added
  • PdfButtonField.SubmitAction property added
  • PdfField.Value property added
  • PdfObject public constructors added allowing new objects to be added using a "new PdfTextShape(PdfPage)" pattern
  • PdfPath.GetPoints() method added
Bug Fixes
  • RenderAtClient did not properly render button form fields without actions

Released 2020-11-17

Version 3.17

GUI now supports redo and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • Client API api.redo() method added
  • "isSigned" added to PdfObjectProperties for PdfSignatureShape objects
  • PdfCertifier(CspParameters) constructor added, primarily for ASP.NET Core
  • PdfCertifier.Silent property added, primarily for ASP.NET Core
  • PdfSignatureShape popup now scales down when sub 520px control width
  • Redo support added to interface
Bug Fixes
  • Fonts without metrics had their midpoint poorly approximated

Released 2020-09-22

Version 3.16

Certify documents by digitally signing output with RSA / X.509 certificates and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • DocumentSavingEventArgs.CertifyUsing property added to sign PDF output with a certificate
  • PdfDocumentEditor.CerifyUsing property added to certify PdfDocumentEditor.Save() output
  • PdfCertifier class added to specify the certificate and settings when signing
  • PdfTimeStamper class added to specify the time stamp server and settings when signing
  • Undo object z-order changes (e.g. Move Back, Move Forward)
Bug Fixes
  • WCF impersonation exception was unclear

Released 2020-08-18

Version 3.15

Client API improvements, set images via data URL, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • ASP.NET WebForms Callback is now only added if there is an OnSaved handler registered to at least one control on page
  • Client API api.append(key) now supports a Data URL
  • Client API PdfObject.setImage(key) now supports a Data URL
  • NoView and Print flags can be set from object properties
  • Password property added to PdfTextField
  • PdfDataContext.AllowDataUrl property added to block the use of data URLs
  • PdfDataRequest.DataKeyIsDataUrl property added to detect if a data URL was received from the client
  • PdfDocumentEditor.Append(PdfLiteSession) overload added
  • RenderAtClient rendering improvements
  • RenderAtClient now renders unsupported like server side rendering
Bug Fixes
  • Animated GIFs were not detected by ASP.NET Core
  • Not all HTML elements had properly "alt" tags
  • Not all form fields were properly reset by "Reset" buttons
  • Image stripes in rare cases caused gaps in server side page rendering

Released 2020-07-16

Version 3.14

Client rendering improvements, undo support added, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • ASP.NET Core implementation now supports AllowSynchronousIO=false
  • File upload dialog only show supported file types in supported browsers (IE 10+, Edge 79+, Firefox 37+, Chrome 26+, Safari 11+)
  • GetDataStream() method (virtual) added to PdfLiteStorageProvider allowing for partial data reads
  • GetInfo() method added to DefaultPdfLiteStorageProvider, returns DefaultPdfLiteStorageItemInfo
  • GetPaths() method added to PdfSignatureShape
  • LiteSession property added to ExceptionEventArgs (PdfIntegrationProvider.OnHttpHandlerException)
  • No View and Print flags can now be set in the object properties dialog
  • RenderAtClient now degrades to rendering at server if a JS error occurs
  • RenderAtClient now supports using Range so that large files can be loaded as needed
  • ThrownByHttpHandler property added to RadPdfException
  • UndoLevels property added to PdfWebControl and PdfWebControLite
  • Undo support added
Bug Fixes
  • CMaps were not properly loaded by RenderAtClient
  • Documents pending password could not be imported
  • Editing options for combo / list fields did not restore the proper values in all cases
  • Form field deletions caused saving issues for other radio form fields in some cases
  • ImportDocument() did not work properly for documents that were pending a password
  • List field highlights were sometimes rendered twice, resulting in a darker on screen appearance
  • PdfDocumentSetting.DisableDownload did not prevent download of PDF when printing with RenderAtClientForPrinting=true
  • RenderAtClient failed for newly appended documents
  • Signature shape input with pen did not prevent scrolling
  • Signature shape "Sign" button text did not use the correct font
  • Some buttons caused browser scrolling on touch when using iOS 13
  • Text form fields with auto font size in Safari on Mac after "Zoom In" displayed incorrect
  • Work around added for iOS scrolling bug

Released 2020-06-02

Version 3.13.5

iOS mouse support, iOS desktop mode support, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • Bluetooth mouse support added for iOS / iPad OS
  • Browsing with "Request Desktop Website" turned "On" in Safari on iOS / iPad OS now supported (the new default on iPads with 13.4)
  • Mobile / touch device pinch and zoom improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Extremely large objects (>50") using canvas sometimes caused issues in Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Single click (non-wrapped) PdfTextShapes sometimes did not appear properly on iOS

Released 2020-04-17

Version 3.13

Export and import objects, bug fixes, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • PdfDocument.ExportObjects() method added
  • PdfDocument.ImportObjects(string) method added
  • PdfObject.Export() method added
  • PdfPage.ImportObject(string) method added
  • Page rendering improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Client API would improperly apply "left" and "top" to PdfObject's when the value was passed as a string instead of a numeric
  • PdfObject.OutputToPdf=false on PdfImageShape or PdfSignatureShape would cause object data to be deleted from SQL Server database, as it was not flagged as in use
  • PdfWebControl.CopyDocument(commit=false), image data was not always copied to the new document

Released 2020-03-31

Version 3.12

Render at client for printing and searching, radio button bug fixes, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • PdfAdvancedSettings.UseService property added, optionally preventing the DLL from using the System Service
  • Production License renamed Server License
  • RenderAtClient now also supports rendering printing at the client
  • RenderAtClient now also supports searching at the client
  • RenderAtClientForPrinting added to PdfWebControl and PdfWebControlLite
  • RenderAtClientForViewing added to PdfWebControl and PdfWebControlLite
  • Radio buttons now support a cleared NoToggleToOff flag
  • Work around added for printing Lite Documents with Edge / IE and using DefaultPdfSessionProvider
Bug Fixes
  • Drop down menus did not properly respond to touch on some desktop browsers (Chrome & Firefox)
  • New radio form fields did not always function properly in the GUI
  • New radio form fields did not always have the correct flags set
  • Radio form fields were sometimes mistaken as check fields
  • Security vulnerability fixed: Installer vulnerability (DLL sideloading) fixed by vendor
Breaking Changes
  • PdfAdvancedSettings.UseService will need to be set to false for RAD PDF implementations using RenderAtClient and no available service (previous versions ignored sending errors in some cases)

Released 2020-01-22

Version 3.11.5

General improvements and minor bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Rendering improvements for blending (up to 20% faster)
  • Rendering improvements for embedded JPEG 2000 images
Bug Fixes
  • Rendering corrections for certain dash patterns and gray pixel formats
  • Text field alignment was not set when using Client API
  • Tooltip was not copied when unlocking a form field
  • Tooltip set with Client API was not immediately applied

Released 2019-12-12

Version 3.11

Form field calculation and page rendering improvements

Feature Updates
  • Form field calculations are now performed in the order specified by the form designer
  • Client and server rendering engines improved
Bug Fixes
  • Server side annotation clones were not always output to PDF properly

Released 2019-10-29

Version 3.10.5

General usage improvements and minor bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • ASP.NET Core improvements
  • Documentation improvements
  • PdfWebControlLite.DocumentSession property added
  • RenderAtClient library updated
  • Server rendering improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Client API's PdfObject.unlock() should not allow unlocking for annotations if PdfDocumentSettings.DisableAlterObjects is set
  • Rendering bug fixed: Damaged glyphs with a large bounding box cause could a loop

Released 2019-09-17

Version 3.10

ASP.NET Core support and other minor improvements

Feature Updates
  • ASP.NET Core Support added (RadPdfCore.dll)
  • Rendering anti-aliasing can now be turned off via the registry
Bug Fixes
  • Buffer overflow could occur with some crafty PDF files addressing objects outside of the file size
  • Statistics logging sometimes caused an unhandled exception to be logged instead

Released 2019-07-15

Version 3.9.5

Per object output / printing, API improvements, and minor bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Client API can now set checkType for PdfCheckField and PdfRadioField objects
  • DocumentSavedEventArgs.Document property added
  • PdfLinkAnnotations destination could not be set to "tel:" and other protocols in GUI
  • PdfObject.OutputToPDF property added
  • PdfMarkupAnnotation.Print property added
  • PdfShape.Print property added
  • PdfSignatureShape popup button location improved
Bug Fixes
  • PdfSignatureShape popup buttons did not work with some Android versions
  • PdfSignatureShape text alignment did not work when using a popup
  • Temp files were not used in some cases when creating new documents (loading PDF) in RAD PDF

Released 2019-05-28

Version 3.9

Popup signature shape object improvements and minor bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • DocumentSavingEventArgs.Flatten property added
  • PdfIntegrationProvider.OnHttpHandlerException() added
  • PdfSignatureShape popup GUI now shows which method is selected
  • PdfSignatureShape.PopupButtonText added allowing for custom button text to be set for a signature object
  • PdfSignatureShape.PopupButtonTooltip added allowing for a tooltip to be set for a signature object
  • PdfWcfSettings.MaxReceivedMessageSize default updated to 1 GB
Bug Fixes
  • New versions of Firefox could not change the value of combo (drop down) form fields because of browser changes
  • PdfSignatureShape border was placed slightly off
  • PdfSignatureShape ink in popup did not create dots on single click
  • PdfSignatureShape text was not placed in the same place as the GUI

Released 2019-04-25

Version 3.8

Bidirectional text support added and other minor bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Bidirectional (Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, etc) text is now supported by RAD PDF (connecting letters in languages like Arabic and Urdu is not yet supported; this feature is coming soon)
  • PdfDocument.BidiTextMode property added
  • Server side rendering improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Client API .unlock() no longer causes the "objectChanged" event to fire
  • Right text alignment did not always align properly

Released 2019-03-19

Version 3.7.5

Client API improvements and other minor bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Client API .setProperties() no longer causes the "objectChanged" event to fire
  • Server side rendering improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Client API Page object had some methods broken by 3.7 update
  • Wrapped form fields with auto font size would sometimes use a font smaller than needed

Released 2019-01-22

Version 3.7

Signature shape improvements and other minor enhancements

Feature Updates
  • ImageFit property added to PdfSignatureShape allowing for Contain or Fill image fits
  • PdfSignatureShape fill shown in popup
  • RenderAtClient renderer updated
Bug Fixes
  • PdfSignatureShape border should render last in PDF output

Released 2018-12-04

Version 3.6

Set object rotation using the GUI or API and bug fixes for recently introduced features.

Feature Updates
  • PdfField.Rotation property added
  • PdfImageShape.Rotation property added
  • PdfSignatureShape.Rotation property added
  • PdfTextShape.Rotation property added
Bug Fixes
  • PdfSignatureShape text input did not work properly in all browsers
  • PdfSignatureShape drawn input (when using a Popup) did not always work on iOS

Released 2018-10-23

Version 3.5

Add signatures via a popup dialog and other improvements.

Feature Updates
  • PdfSignatureShape now supports a signature shape which can be clicked and a popup displayed allowing input via mouse, touch, typing or uploaded image
  • PdfSignatureShape.PopupInput added
  • PdfSignatureShape.PopupInputMethods added
Bug Fixes
  • Combo / dropdown form fields could not be activated using touch in some Firefox and Chrome versions on desktops
  • Custom PdfLiteSessionProviders still required ASP.NET session being enabled
  • Grouped thumbnails did not work for Lite Documents using alternative renderer

Released 2018-09-13

Version 3.4.5

General usage improvements and minor bug fixes.

Feature Updates
  • Maintenance can now be run without SQL Server configured to clean up temp usage when only using Lite Documents
  • Signed PDF files with annotations can now be opened (with annotations disabled) without invalidating the signatures
  • Stats reporting added for on demand cache
Bug Fixes
  • Lite document UseHash setting did not work for some PDF files
  • OnClientLoad event was called more than once in some cases

Released 2018-07-02

Version 3.4

Lite Document performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

Feature Updates
  • PdfLiteSettings.UseHash property added allowing resources to be reused for Lite Documents too
  • To improve signature rendering, if annotations are disabled, we don't rename them on import
  • Maintenance can be run without SQL connection string for use with Lite Documents
Bug Fixes
  • Image types were not validated when being added to Lite Documents
  • Services storage total size stat was sometimes incorrect
  • Work around added to fix issue with Safari 11 on iOS where page scrolls when trying to add objects

Released 2018-05-04

Version 3.3

General usage improvements and minor bug fixes.

Feature Updates
  • PdfLiteSession.FileName property added.
  • PdfWebControl Create / Copy / Import now returns the document ID
  • PdfWebControlLite Create / Copy / Import now returns the session
  • Import / export document improvements
  • WasImported property added to DocumentCreatedEventArgs
Bug Fixes
  • Lite Documents could not be used with RenderAtClient without System Service
  • Lite Documents did not always save back to storage properly
  • Saving documents with images did not always work as expected with server API
  • Searches after a failed search sometimes also failed
  • Signatures would not render properly when PDF files were protected by an owner password

Released 2018-03-27

Version 3.2

Lite Document improvements and new code samples.

Feature Updates
  • Client API getObjectSelected() method added
  • Client API object properties updated to include absoluteHeight / absoluteLeft / absoluteTop / absoluteWidth
  • More complete and mobile friendly custom UI code sample added
  • GetPdf() and GetOriginalPdf() methods added to PdfWebControlLite
  • SqlServerPdfLiteSessionProvider and SqlServerPdfLiteStorageProvider code samples added
Bug Fixes
  • Adding image via a key did not work for Lite Documents

Released 2018-02-06

Version 3.1

Lite Documents now support adding images and appending.

Feature Updates
  • Lite Documents support adding images
  • Lite Documents support appending PDF files
  • PdfLiteSessionProvider.GenerateKey() added to allow custom implementations to easily generate a secure key
Bug Fixes
  • Lite Documents could not access DocumentSavedEventArgs.DocumentData when saved

Released 2017-12-12

Version 3.0

Lite Documents introduced, use RAD PDF without SQL Server, and other enhancements.

Feature Updates
  • Default HttpHandler now allows access to session information
  • PdfWebControlLite added, allowing for most RAD PDF functionality to be used without a database like SQL Server
  • PdfIntegrationProvider updated to allow custom a PdfLiteSessionProvider and PdfLiteStorageProvider
  • PdfLiteStorageAdapater added
Bug Fixes
  • Text annotations (sticky notes) could move slightly when zooming

Released 2017-11-28

Version 2.39

Client side rendering and improved large file support.

Feature Updates
  • Client side rendering (instead of server side rendering) option added
  • Default page layout is now single page continuous scroll (SinglePageContinuous)
  • Flate / GZIP compression added for on demand text requests
  • PdfAdvancedSettings.TempDirectory property added, allowing for the use of a temp file when processing a PDF
  • PdfAdvancedSettings.UseTempThreshold property added
  • RAD PDF can now be used without the System Service with reduced functionality (searching & printing still require it)
  • System Service renders files over 100 MB using a temp file by default reducing memory use with large files
  • System Service uses cache outside of SQL Server by default
Bug Fixes
  • Annotations which should not print sometimes printed
  • Internet Explorer did not show some long rendering pages

Released 2017-11-07

Version 2.38

Signature tool improvements, bug fixes, and other enhancements.

Feature Updates
  • Client API can now add / edit PdfSignature shapes
  • GUI can now add / edit PdfSignature shapes (disabled by default)
  • PdfIntegrationProvider.Current property added
  • PdfWcfSettings.ClientReceiveTimeout property added
  • PdfWebControl.ShowSignatureShapeTool property added
Bug Fixes
  • Font resources could be incorrect for PdfFont class when multiple instances in the same application
  • IE6 / IE7 / IE8 did not work with signature shapes having transparent backgrounds

Released 2017-10-03

Version 2.37

New signature tools, RAD PDF integration improvements, and other enhancements.

Feature Updates
  • PdfSignatureShape object type added enabling signable regions of a PDF page
  • PdfWcfSettings.ClientSecurityMode property added so that RAD PDF can be used without network / transport security, if desired
  • Support for different PdfIntegrationProviders in the same application (subdirectories can specify different a "RadPdfIntegrationProvider" via the web.config, but must have unique names)
Bug Fixes
  • Client API PdfObject.setImage() method did not work properly for PdfImageShapes with pre-existing images
  • Client API setCustomData(value) method did not flag that the document has unsaved changes

Released 2017-08-02

Version 2.36.7

Client API improvements and bug fixes.

Feature Updates
  • Client API getCustomData() method added
  • Client API setCustomData() method added
  • Visual Studio 2017 solution added
Bug Fixes
  • Bold font styles on rendered pages appeared sometimes too thin
  • CMYK JPEG 2000 work around added
  • Document.CustomData was not removed from PDF if the value was cleared
  • Some damaged ICC profiles could cause an app crash on saving

Released 2017-06-13

Version 2.36.6

PDF form field rotation improvements and bug files.

Feature Updates
  • DocumentDownloadingEventArgs.UseRFC6266 property added
  • Form fields are now added at the current page rotation, and preserve that rotation after future page rotation
  • PdfFormField.Rotation property added
  • PdfObject.Duplicatable property added
  • RFC 6266 support added for downloading with Unicode file names
Bug Fixes
  • PDF combo / drop down form fields had corrupt option names if PDF was encrypted
  • Rotated form fields in IE8 did not always appear correctly
  • Unicode file names were not correct when downloading with IE

Released 2017-04-04

Version 2.36.5

PDF form handling improvements and bug fixes.

Feature Updates
  • Calculation script improvements
  • PdfMarkupAnnotation.IsOpen property added
  • PdfPopupAnnotation.IsOpen property added
Bug Fixes
  • Annotations with Popups weren't always found correctly in files also with PDF fields
  • PdfCircleAnnotation and PdfSquareAnnotation border / fill could not be set using server API
  • Some PDF bookmark types were corrupted by RAD PDF

Released 2017-03-07

Version 2.36

Microsoft Edge touch improvements and text shape alignment.

Feature Updates
  • Basic PDF form field JavaScript validation for time form fields (AFTime_Format / AFTime_Keystroke) support added
  • Client API getDpi() method added
  • Microsoft Edge touch improvements
  • PdfTextShapes now support center and right text alignment (if object is wrappable)
Bug Fixes
  • Client API "objectMoved" did not always fire

Released 2017-01-24

Version 2.35.6

Bug fixes and security improvements.

Feature Updates
  • Basic PDF form field JavaScript validation for date form fields (AFDate_FormatEx / AFDate_KeystrokeEx) support added
  • XML loading security improvements (document entities are now stripped before processing for improved XEE protection)
Bug Fixes
  • Non-changeable text form fields were not always scrollable
  • Rotated highlight annotations did not have their sides properly rounded
  • TIFF encoded images were sometimes not rendered properly

Released 2016-12-14

Version 2.35.5

Bug fixes and API extensions.

Feature Updates
  • Client API "objectMoved" event added
  • Client API "objectResized" event added
  • Client API "objectStyled" event added
  • Default PdfWebControl.RenderDpi is now 144
  • Minor rendering improvements
  • Multiline form field improvements
Breaking Changes
  • Default PdfWebControl.RenderDpi is now 144
  • PdfFont.Size is now a double
  • PdfFont.AutoSize is now a double
Bug Fixes
  • Android / iOS could not scroll drop downs without selecting an option
  • Client API PdfAnnotation creation and modification dates were incorrect

Released 2016-11-03

Version 2.35

Color management and annotation improvements.

Feature Updates
  • Improved color management when rendering pages
  • Minor document loading performance enhancement
  • Text markup annotations are now added based on the rotation of selected text
  • Unlocked radio form fields now keep their checked states
Bug Fixes
  • Multiple sequential Append() actions failed with certain implementations
  • Some PDF files encrypted with RC4 could not be loaded

Released 2016-08-02

Version 2.34.5

Performance and cache directory improvements.

Feature Updates
  • Cache directory can now also be used for printing, allowing optional configuration without the pges table
  • CollapseViewerSide added to PdfWebControl
  • HTTP roundtrip saved for documents fully rendered on demand (default), speeding up document display by ~100ms
Bug Fixes
  • TrueType font parser fix

Released 2016-04-29

Version 2.34

Text selection improvements and optional rendering cache directory added.

Feature Updates
  • RenderCacheLocation support added (disabled by default) allowing on demand rendered resources to be stored outside of SQL Server. This can reduce SQL Server Maintenance by as much as 50%
  • Text selection position accuracy greatly improved for text using long kerning records
Bug Fixes
  • Chrome printing A4 pages caused a blank page between print output
  • Client API PdfObject.getProperties() threw an exception if object was in text edit mode
  • Client API PdfObject.setProperties() did not properly reset form field highlights in all cases

Released 2016-03-30

Version 2.33

New circle and square annotation tools, easier redirects, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • Create PdfCircleAnnotation objects via API and GUI
  • Create PdfSquareAnnotation objects via API and GUI
  • DocumentSavedEventArgs.ThenExecuteJS property added
  • DocumentSavedEventArgs.ThenRedirectTo property added
  • DocumentSavedEventArgs.ThenReloadDocument property added
  • iOS text input improvements
  • Object properties toolbar updated to use new icons
  • PdfPopupAnnotations are now rendered using a clean, lighter color
Bug Fixes
  • New form fields with periods in their names were added incorrectly
  • Pre-existing markup annotations are now orientated properly if their quadpoints indicate a non-zero rotation

Released 2016-02-25

Version 2.32.5

This service release includes minor bug fixes and enhancements

Feature Updates
  • AFSimple_Calculate() improved to prevent float rounding errors
  • Create / Unlock form fields with Unicode (non-ASCII) names
  • Paragraph text form field creation option added to GUI
  • Support for existing PdfComboFields and PdfListFields with Unicode values added
Bug Fixes
  • Copied words in text selected contained an extra space
  • Default Android browser could not interact with some RAD PDF buttons
  • DoNotScroll did not work properly in IE11 because of an MS bug, work around added
  • New annotations were not printable in some cases
  • New link annotations were invisible in some cases
  • PdfAnnotation.Locked was not always correctly read
  • Some fonts were incorrectly replaced when rendering

Released 2016-01-19

Version 2.32

Render document text on demand, AES 256 support, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • AES 256 rev 6 (Adobe Acrobat X) encrypted documents can now be loaded
  • Chrome 46 CSS bug work around added (caused highlight annotation appearance issues)
  • New sample application using Kendo UI added
  • PdfIntegrationProvider.OnDocumentCreated() added
  • PdfWebControl.RenderTextOnDemand property added
Bug Fixes
  • IE Metro did not print PDF documents correctly
  • PdfDocumentSettings.DisableSearchText caused an error when saving in some cases

Released 2015-11-10

Version 2.31

Render thumbnails on demand, keyboard shortcuts, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • Additional object properties can now be set from GUI dialog
  • Keyboard shortcut support added (find, print, save, bold, italic, and underline)
  • PdfWebControl.CopyDocument() now allows changes to documentSetings if more permissive
  • Popup annotation interaction improvements
  • RenderThumbnailsOnDemand added to PdfWebControl (enabled by default)
Bug Fixes
  • Client API "objectAdded" event argument textSelected value was incorrectly preceeded by "undefined" in some browsers
  • In rare cases, radio buttons were not set in PDF and printer output
  • In some cases when using Chrome, pasting multiple lines of text resulted in extra blank lines
  • Not all reserved XML characters were properly escaped when parsing GUI entered rich text to a Popup annotation in some browsers

Released 2015-10-06

Version 2.30

Enhanced annotation support, rich popup styling, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • PdfCaretAnnotation class added
  • PdfStrikeoutAnnotation class added
  • PdfUnderlineAnnotation class added
  • Popup annotations (PdfPopupAnnotations) now support basic rich styling (bold, italic, underline)
  • Popup annotations can now be shown for PdfCaretAnnotations / PdfHighlightAnnotations / PdfStrikeoutAnnotations / PdfUnderlineAnnotations
  • QuadPoints creation now set when the user addes PdfHighlightAnnotations / PdfStrikeoutAnnotations / PdfUnderlineAnnotations and there is selectable text
  • Single click created PdfTextShapes bounding box improved
Bug Fixes
  • Reset PdfButtonFields did not always have their actions properly added to PDF output

Released 2015-08-31

Version 2.29

Import and export RAD PDF documents, create PDF form field buttons, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • 64-bit version of RAD PDF Service Helper (RadPdfServiceHelper64.exe) added (contact Red Software for more information)
  • Downloading in iOS now shows a button which can be clicked so that the PDF can be opened in a new window and more easily saved to iBooks
  • ExportDocument() method added to DocumentSavingEventArgs
  • ExportDocument() method added to PdfStorageAdapter
  • ImportDocument() method added to PdfWebControl
  • Optional complete 64-bit operation
  • PdfButtonField objects which reset or submit the form can now be added using the GUI
  • Popup annotations can now be positioned off page and "stick" to edges
Bug Fixes
  • IE10 does not properly display options containing only whitespace; workaround for this IE10 specific bug added
  • IE10 and IE11 on Windows 8 had drop down scrollbars which would close when trying to be scroll using the mouse because of a Microsoft event behavior change

Released 2015-07-22

Version 2.28

Object duplication tool, PDF form field submit button support, and other enhancements

Feature Updates
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties "isReset" and "isSubmit" added
  • Duplicate menu option added for object property drop downs
  • Error logging improvements
  • Form field button reset action support added
  • Form field button submit action support added
  • IsReset and IsSubmit buttons added to PdfButtonField class
  • Required form field improvements
Bug Fixes
  • A JavaScript exception could be thrown if a Client API selection changed to an object other than that clicked in "objectClicked" event's handler
  • Damaged output created if specific content stream were conditions
  • Images were not always added properly if user saved while image tool was active without an image on the page

Released 2015-06-16

Version 2.27.5

This service release includes minor bug fixes and enhancements

Feature Updates
  • DisablePdfJavaScript property added to PdfWebControl
  • DocumentKey security improved for case insensitive collations
  • PdfFontResource.MatchingNames property added
  • PdfFontResourceCollection.Default field added
  • PdfFontResourceCollection.Find(string) method added
  • Text extracting improved
Bug Fixes
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties "left" and "top" did not take an altered cropbox into consideration
  • Client API PdfPage.getWidth() and PdfPage.getHeight() did not take an altered cropbox into consideration
  • CloneTo() did not properly clone pre-existing child PopupAnnotations
  • PdfObject.Left and PdfObject.Top did not take an altered cropbox into consideration
  • PdfPage.Width and PdfPage.Height did not take an altered cropbox into consideration

Released 2015-05-08

Version 2.27

Unicode form field support, optional CMap utilization, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • AdvancedSettings property added to PdfIntegrationProvider
  • Hashing performance improvements
  • New PdfAdvancedSettings class with CMapDirectory and CMapDirectoryExists properties
  • Right click on Mac can now be triggered using the CTRL key
  • Unicode form field value and appearance stream support (CJK)
Bug Fixes
  • Download button in IE6 - IE8 appeared slightly off center

Released 2015-02-24

Version 2.26

Drag and drop file upload, large file optimizations, and other minor improvements

Feature Updates
  • ClientSecurityTransportProtectionLevel and MessageDataSizeThreshold properties added to PdfWcfSettings
  • Document Key security improved (entropy increased)
  • Drag and drop upload support for appending and image adding
  • Large file handling has been improved, allowing for reduced memory overhead when calling CreateDocument()
  • Upload progress for appending and image adding (when supported by browser)
Bug Fixes
  • Appending a PDF which was previously created (but never rendered because RenderOnDemand was set to true) to an open document (which has AllowFindMatchingPdf=true and RenderOnDemand=true) threw a RadPdfDatabaseException
  • Calculated form fields were not updated in rare circumstances
  • If temp directory was deleted while RAD PDF Service was running, an error could occur (folder is now automatically recreated)
  • The initial font size for rotated auto size form fields was sometimes incorrect

Released 2014-12-17

Version 2.25.5

This service release includes minor bug fixes and enhancements

Feature Updates
  • Appearance streams now re-rendered for form fields when printing and NeedAppearances is true
Bug Fixes
  • Additional rendering fixes
  • AFMakeNumber did not properly handle nulls
  • Null input to Client API could cause errors to occur in older versions of Internet Explorer
  • PdfFields using calculation scripts which concatenate strings in some cases incorrectly contained "NaN"
  • PdfFields using cascading calculation scripts could cause a JavaScript exception
  • The text color of PdfTextFields could be wrong if two with the same name used different fonts

Released 2014-10-28

Version 2.25

Printer settings dialogs improvements, CMap support, and rendering improvements

Feature Updates
  • Additional font metrics for PDF form fields are used to improve text display in preexisting (IsLocked = true) multi lined PdfTextFields.
  • CMap support added for page rendering
  • Print settings dialog now supports setting the page from / to for printing
  • Print settings dialog now only shows margin settings for browsers which require it
Bug Fixes
  • Custom RAD PDF System Service ports were not properly used when set via the Admin Tool
  • ExternalStyle's value should be escaped so that the URL is properly inserted if it contains illegal characters for an XHTML attribute
  • New link annotations linking to a page when not in highlight mode did not function properly when clicked (attempted to load an empty URL instead)
  • On Android, PdfCheckFields were receiving two clicks on touch and hence not usable
  • Saving a PDF while a form field is active which has other fields of the same name on previous pages would not be properly updated during the save
  • Various minor rendering corrections

Released 2014-09-09

Version 2.24

Remove existing link annotations, web font support, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • Client API destinationPage added to PdfObjectProperties class
  • Client API destinationType added to PdfObjectProperties class
  • Client API destinationUrl added to PdfObjectProperties class
  • OnDocumentInit() method added to PdfIntegrationProvider
  • DocumentInitEventArgs class added
  • ExternalStyle property added to DocumentInitEventArgs class to facilitate the use of web fonts (e.g. WOFF, TTF, OTF, SVG, EOT)
  • EnableRestoreAllPages property added to PdfWebControl (default false)
  • For use in custom JavaScript calculation scripts, the valueAsString property added to the object returned by getField()
  • IsLocked property added to PdfObject class
  • Pre existing link annotations can now be deleted (via right click)
  • Pre existing link annotations now are accessible using the Client API and Server API
  • When highlights are turned off, new PdfLinkAnnotations are now active (a click sends the user to the destination) and unmovable
Bug Fixes
  • Deleting a preexisting form field (PdfField with IsLocked = true) via the GUI or Client API resulted in the field being unlocked instead of deleted
  • In custom JavaScript calculation scripts, the value property of the object returned by getField() was not automatically made a Numeric
  • Radio field values were not properly provided to custom JavaScript calculation scripts

Released 2014-07-24

Version 2.23

PDF form field updates, visual enhancements for next generation browser features, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • Add / unlock PDF form fields with periods in their fully qualified name
  • CustomData property added to PdfDocument class
  • Form Field JavaScript improvements for some custom scripts
  • PdfHighlightAnnotations now use a multiply blend mode in browsers where available (instead of simply adjusting opacity)
  • RenderOnDemand performance improvements for newly rendered pages
Bug Fixes
  • Client API value for combo and list form fields should be based on the export value
  • PdfTextFields with the Comb flag set did not properly display a border between characters
  • Printing unchanged documents containing signed, valid PdfSignatureFields appeared invalid or missing in printer output

Released 2014-06-17

Version 2.22

Pages can now be rendered as needed, thumbnail image grouping support, and logging improvements

Feature Updates
  • EnableLogging property added to PdfHttpSettings
  • GroupThumbnails property added to PdfWebControl, reducing the number of image requests
  • LogDocumentKeyNotFoundException property added to PdfHttpSettings
  • RenderOnDemand property added to PdfWebControl, allowing pages to be rendered as needed by the user
  • RAD PDF Maintenance statistics logging improved
Bug Fixes
  • A license error was incorrectly displayed despite a valid license key when in Visual Studio's Design Mode
  • In rare cases, RAD PDF's server side code could reject an append operation because of rendering status, even though the PDF is fully rendered

Released 2014-05-30

Version 2.21

Scroll documents using a new hand tool, maintenance performance improvements, and various bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Customize the error message shown when appending a document with page dimensions which exceed MaxPdfPageWidth / MaxPdfPageHeight
  • Hand Scroll tool added to PdfWebControl
  • HideHandScroll property added to PdfWebControl
  • RAD PDF Maintenance logging improved
  • RAD PDF Maintenance performance improved for removing old print records
  • RAD PDF Maintenance performance improved for removing unused PDF records
Bug Fixes
  • In rare cases, the JPEG 2000 decoder caused a black image to appear instead of the image
  • The wrong value was sometimes displayed for PdfComboFields when printed or flattened if the field options contained values and export values
  • Thumbnails very near the bottom of the thumbnails pane not to properly auto load
  • Touching a PdfTextShape or PdfTextField object twice in a row using iOS caused keyboard input to be ignored and no text could be entered
  • When opening certain PDF files, a null-terminator in an array or dictionary was incorrectly treated as error

Released 2014-04-03

Version 2.20

Document searching via the server API as well as improvements for Internet Explorer 11 and SQL Server

Feature Updates
  • CommandTimeout property added to SqlServerPdfStorageProvider, allowing a timeout to be set for each SqlCommand internally used by RAD PDF
  • DocumentKeyMaxAge property of PdfWebControl updated so that for non-positive values, RAD PDF doesn't bother creating a DocumentKey
  • MaxPdfPageWidth property added to PdfWebControl
  • MaxPdfPageHeight property added to PdfWebControl
  • Search() method added to PdfDocumentEditor class. Searches can now be done using the server API
Bug Fixes
  • After tabbing, a bug in Internet Explorer 11 crippled user input to PdfTextField objects, a work around has been implemented
  • Client API assigned highlight color (highlightColor) was not preserved when a PdfField object was unlocked
  • CMYK images were rendered inverted if stored with JPEG compression
  • LZW scanline decoder caused an exception on some platforms if a scanline ended exactly at a NO_LZW_CODE tag
  • PDF files containing more than one optional content configuration dictionary caused an exception on some platforms

Released 2014-02-20

Version 2.19

Improved PDF rendering, support for SQL Server ISO data types, and numerous API improvements

Feature Updates
  • Client API "creationDate" property added to PdfObjectProperties class
  • Client API hasImage() method added to PdfObject class
  • Client API setImage() method added to PdfObject class
  • CreationDate property added to PdfMarkupAnnotation class
  • DownloadPageFrom and DownloadPageTo properties added to DocumentDownloadingEventArgs so that a subset of pages in a document can be downloaded using the PdfIntegrationProvider
  • FindAll() method added to PdfFieldCollection class
  • PdfWebControl optimized so that if no changes have been made, the document is simply downloaded without unnecessarily saving
  • PdfWebControl's HideRightClickMenu property updated so that if true, the browser's default context menu will be shown instead of simply nothing
  • RAD PDF renderer updated for improved page clarity (with failback to old renderer)
  • RAD PDF added support for SQL Server data types [nvarchar](max) and [varbinary](max) so that they can be used instead of the now deprecated [ntext] and [image]
  • Server side XML parsing enhancements
Breaking Changes
  • FlattenDownload() method of DocumentDownloadingEventArgs has been changed to a boolean property
Bug Fixes
  • Bookmarks added to pages after one which had been deleted did not link to the proper page
  • Bookmarks added to pages which had been moved did not link to the proper pages
  • Client API documentation corrections for append() and saveAndWait() methods
  • Client API "downloading" event was not raised if document was read-only
  • Client API incorrectly fired the "saving" event when printing
  • Client API setProperties() method did not allow the "customData" property to be set for PdfButtonField, PdfSignatureField, and pre-existing PdfLinkAnnotation objects
  • PdfInkShape objects (or paths) with a single point filled the entire object instead of simply occupying a single point when resized

Released 2014-01-14

Version 2.18

Deskew PDF pages, API optimizations, and various bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Client API PdfPage class updated to include deskewPage() method
  • Client API .setProperties() method optimized (use of page caching speeds up successive object edits)
  • CloneTo() method added to PdfObject to facilitate copying a object from one page to another
  • Deskew / straighten a pages in a PDF document using the GUI
  • DeskewAngle property added to PdfPage
  • DeskewPage() method added to PdfPage
  • GetPoints() method added to PdfInkShape
  • SetPoints() method added to PdfInkShape
Breaking Changes
  • PdfBorder class is now a struct
  • PdfColor class is now a struct
Bug Fixes
  • Author, Content, and Subject were not properly saved to PDF for PdfCircleAnnotation, PdfHighlightAnnotation, and PdfSquareAnnotation objects
  • Client API .addObject() method did not properly add objects using the page's zoom (radViewZoom was used instead of oRefreshedZoom)
  • Client API .setView() method would not properly apply scroll if also viewing a new page
  • Highlighted comb text fields didn't always appear properly if text color was not black
  • If the crop box for a PDF page was larger as the media box (which shouldn't happen in a valid PDF), a corrupt page format was output in some cases
  • Last page of document being appended to was unnecessarily re-rendered in some cases
  • Page "Crop" tool did not properly show its state in the PdfWebControl toolbar
  • PdfRectangleShape did not properly inherit from PdfPolygonShape
  • RAD PDF Admin Tool didn't always properly display time values
  • Some PDF files using a soft mask with a transfer function did not render correctly

Released 2013-10-15

Version 2.17

Create semi-transparent objects, Client API improvements, and various bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Additional resource strings added to PdfWebControlResources
  • AFNumber_Format() implementation now better emulates Adobe Acrobat
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties class updated to include comb property
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties class updated to include doNotScroll property
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties class updated to include edit property
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties class updated to include maxLength property
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties class updated to include multiline property
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties class updated to include multiSelect property
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties class updated to include opacity property
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties class updated to include readOnly property
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties class updated to include required property
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties class updated to include sort property
  • Client API PdfWebControlApi class updated to include getField() method
  • Line and arrow tools now display a line while being dragged out
  • Object properties dialog updated to support setting opacity in PdfWebControl GUI
  • Opacity property added to PdfShape class
  • PNG transparency support added for Internet Explorer 6
Bug Fixes
  • Objects added via Client API when page is out of view, but previously loaded, did not appear properly
  • Resizable property did not have an effect for PdfTextShape objects (when false)
  • Rotated objects in Internet Explorer 8 were not always displayed properly
  • Thumbnails had a faint black border appear on the top and left

Released 2013-08-14

Version 2.16

Add and edit PDF bookmarks, tab from page to page, API improvements, and various bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Add / delete / move / nest bookmarks using the PdfWebControl GUI
  • Client API getDocumentInfo() method added
  • Client API getDocumentSecurity() method added
  • Client API setDocumentInfo() method added
  • Client API setDocumentSecurity() method added
  • Client API PdfDocumentInfo class added
  • Client API PdfDocumentSecurity class added
  • Support for PDF JavaScript function AFSpecial_Keystroke added
  • TabToNextPage property added to PdfWebControl
Bug Fixes
  • Chrome, when zoomed using browser zoom, could prevent entry into some form field types
  • Internet Explorer 10 in an older browser mode, but current document mode prevented some object types from rendering properly
  • When clicking a movable PdfComboField, the object improperly could still be moved after mouse up

Released 2013-06-04

Version 2.15

Appending tools improved, control document security using server API, printing improvements, and various bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Appending now only prompts for save if needed
  • CheckIsRendered() method added to PdfDocumentEditor
  • DeleteDocumentKeys() method added to PdfStorageAdapter
  • DocumentSecurity property added to PdfDocument class
  • DisableMoreButton property added to PdfWebControl
  • PdfDocumentSecurity class added
  • PdfDocumentEditor.Append() method enhanced to support the use of pre-rendered resources
  • PdfDocumentEditor.Append() method can now add blank pages
  • PdfDocumentEditor.Append() method can now append a PdfDocument (via document ID)
  • Printing improvement for browsers which support the CSS @page rules for margins
Breaking Changes
  • Data property of DocumentAppendingEventArgs renamed DataToAppend
Bug Fixes
  • Client API .cropPage() method threw an exception
  • CopyDocument() method did not work properly if changes were not being committed
  • Form field highlight disappeared in rare cases for same name form fields on different pages
  • Internet Explorer 10 (only when Browser Mode: IE8; Document Mode: IE10 Standards) documents containing certain object types cases threw a JavaScript exception
  • RAD PDF printing margin type selected in print dialog was ignored
  • Service "RenderingPrepTimeout" and "RenderingTextTimeout" settings were ignored

Released 2013-04-30

Version 2.14

Rotate text, customize form field highlights, touch-device improvements, and various bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Client API append() method added
  • HighlightColor property added to PdfField class allowing for a custom highlight color to be set
  • Internet Explorer 10 can now use touch to add new objects
  • PdfTextShape objects now rotate with the page (instead of being un-rotated relative to the page's current rotation and position / text layout changing with rotations after adding the object)
  • Significant improvements for InkShape (Pen) tool's reactiveness / speed of redraw (and hence smoothness), especially for touch devices
  • XML parsing improvement
Breaking Changes
  • PdfObjectDataContext renamed PdfDataContext
  • PdfObjectDataContext renamed PdfDataContext
  • PdfObjectDataRequest renamed PdfDataRequest
  • PdfObjectDataRequest.ObjectDataKey renamed PdfDataRequest.DataKey
  • PdfObjectDataResponse renamed PdfDataResponse
  • PdfObjectDataResponseStatus renamed PdfDataResponseStatus
Bug Fixes
  • Client API's "rendered" event was fired prematurely
  • Devices with both mouse and touch input could lose the ability to use some features via mouse after touch use
  • In some cases, RAD PDF did not properly add PdfInkShape objects to when drawn using the Microsoft Surface's mouse because of IE10's use of fractional pixels
  • Multi-lined and Wrappable PdfTextShape objects, which are not in "edit mode", weren't resized when font changed (resize handles aren't moved, etc.)
  • Multi-lined and auto sized PdfTextField objects didn't always display text vertical position correctly
  • Non-wrapping PdfTextShape objects would move if the page was rotated one direction and then the other
  • Object data for deleted images was not always deleted on save
  • Page number location on thumbnails was incorrect for rotated pages
  • PdfTextField objects using a format requiring a comma as the integral separator was not supported
  • PdfTextShape objects with underline didn't show underline in PdfWebControl
  • PdfWebControl key presses (e.g. DEL key) didn't hide object drop down menus
  • Text was not properly extracted from PDF files if FirstChar or LastChar of an imported Type3 font was to a larger value than 255
  • TIFF files with a larger vertical resolution than horizontal resolution were not always correctly converted to PDF

Released 2013-03-28

Version 2.13

Optionally truncate long PDF documents, touch-device improvements, and various bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Improvements for use of PdfWebControl with non-iOS touch devices
  • License property added to PdfIntegrationProvider to allow applying license via server side code
  • ThrowMaxPagesException property added to PdfWebControl (if false, open the first x pages, set by MaxPdfPages, truncating the file without error)
Bug Fixes
  • Google Chrome on Android 4 could not scroll a document in PdfWebControl
  • IE7 / IE9 in compatibility mode did not close printing dialog after sent to printer via .print() call
  • IE9 in compatibility mode threw an exception when printing
  • IE9 threw a JavaScript exception when selecting some text form fields
  • iOS users could not use all drop down menus in PdfWebControl

Released 2013-01-29

Version 2.12

Crop PDF pages, improved XFA options, and various bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Crop PDF pages using the new crop tool
  • Crop PDF pages using the Client API & Server API
  • ConvertXfaForm property added to PdfWebControl
  • ThrowXfaFormException property added to PdfWebControl
Bug Fixes
  • Damaged PDF files encrypted and with a bad ID could not be loaded without the owner password
  • Files with large numbers of bookmarks did not perform well

Released 2012-12-05

Version 2.11

Windows Server 2012 compatibility, Internet Explorer 10 support, and various bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Windows Server 2012 compatibility
  • Internet Explorer 10 support
  • PDF form field keystroke event support for some field types added
  • Pre-existing Highlight Annotations can now be deleted
Bug Fixes
  • Damaged PDF files could cause an infinite loop in very rare cases
  • In IE 8 and lower, right aligned text form fields didn't always function properly
  • Pages with crop / media boxes which had negative width / height didn't display properly
  • Pre-existing Text Annotations weren't always removed if deleted by the user
  • Text annotation subject / contents changes made with the Client API didn't appear until page was refreshed

Released 2012-10-24

Version 2.10

PDF form field improvements and various bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • PDF form field basic special format support added
  • PDF form field DoNotScroll support improvements
  • PDF form field orientation support for pre-existing form fields added (in most browsers)
  • Client API events "objectSelected", "objectClick", etc. events now fire for button and signature fields
  • RemoveOldDocuments method in PdfStorageAdapter updated to allow removal old documents using modification date (instead creation)
Bug Fixes
  • PDF files using some types of clipping paths would hide shape additions in some regions of the page
  • Objects couldn't be added to pages not yet rendered via Client API
  • If no object was selected, using the Client API to set an object's font via setProperties caused a JavaScript error
  • PdfTextShape objects which were not wrapping (single click added) would sometimes temporarily disappear on page zoom change / rotate
  • Maintenance tasks requiring more than 2100 parameters would throw an exception
  • Some PDF form fields would not flatten correctly

Released 2012-09-06

Version 2.9

Server side integration improvements and various bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • BackColor property support added to PdfWebControl
  • ClientCloseTimeout, ClientOpenTimeout, and ClientSendTimeout public properties added to the PdfWcfSettings class
  • DownloadData property added to DocumentDownloadingEventArgs
  • FlattenDownload method added to DocumentDownloadingEventArgs
  • Maintenance methods added to PdfStorageAdapter
  • MaxResolution property added to PdfImageShape so that default behavior for large images can be overridden
  • Multi-line form field tool tip support added (where browser supported, including Internet Explorer & newer Firefox versions)
  • PdfStorageProvider added to PdfIntegrationProvider so that storage connection string can be set without web.config
Bug Fixes
  • Auto sized form fields wouldn't always display correctly in Internet Explorer after page rotation / zoom change
  • If a page was scrolled into and then out of view, objects on page weren't always shown correctly
  • Object location visually lagged when in Continuous Page Layout mode after page rotation / zoom change
  • RAD PDF functioned improperly in Firefox 2

Released 2012-08-08

Version 2.8

Continuous page view support and user interaction improvements for touch devices

Feature Updates
  • Single page continuous page layout support added
  • ViewerPageLayoutDefault property added to PdfWebControl
  • Objects are easier to create, select, move, and edit using touch-based devices
Bug Fixes
  • File link annotations pointing to invalid pages caused an uncaught JavaScript exception

Released 2012-06-12

Version 2.7

Append files to a PDF, draw using a pen tool, and load BMP, JPEG, and PNG images

Feature Updates
  • Append PDF documents to the currently open document using the RAD PDF user interface or API
  • Freehand draw on a PDF document using the new ink tool
  • Automatically convert to PDF and open BMP, JPEG, and PNG images with RAD PDF
Bug Fixes
  • New / unlocked PDF combo / list PDF form fields with export values for choices did not properly get added to output PDF files
  • Unlocked form fields with negative height or width were not re-added to PDF on save

Released 2012-04-09

Version 2.6

Open TIFF files in RAD PDF, enhanced form calculation support, and Client API improvements

Feature Updates
  • Load single and multi-page TIFF files directly into RAD PDF
  • Calculation support for form fields using "Simplified field notation" added
  • DoNotScroll flag used for read-only form fields so that additional content can be shown
  • DoNotScroll property added to PdfTextField
  • HideHighlight property added to PdfObject (and Client API)
  • Tooltip property added to PdfField
  • objectChange event added to Client API
  • getFields(n) method added to Client API
  • getObject(ix) and getObjectCount() methods added to PdfPage in Client API
  • isDeleted() method added to PdfObject in Client API
  • exportValue property added to PdfObjectProperties in Client API
  • getOption and getOptionCount methods added to PdfObject in Client API
Bug Fixes
  • Popup Annotations did not properly display subject in viewer
  • Client API did not properly set "visible" property
  • Setting null value to ImageData property of PdfImageShape would late raise an exception
  • Some files would not render properly

Released 2012-02-15

Version 2.5

Customize font choices, set additional text metrics, and Client API improvements

Feature Updates
  • FontResources property added to PdfIntegrationProvider allowing custom fonts to be specified
  • Set character spacing and line spacing for PdfTextShape objects
  • onTextSelected event added to Client API
  • select method add to Client API's PdfObject class
  • PdfFontName and PdfFontType removed and internal Name search added
  • PdfWebControl viewer properties now loaded at initialization of viewer in browser
  • EnabledCaching property added to PdfHttpSettings class
Bug Fixes
  • Some PdfWebControl viewer properties did not take effect properly if control was used on a master page
  • On very slow connections, the PdfWebControl ViewState could be ignored in rare cases
  • Wrong resource string for image upload dialog was used for "Upload" button
  • New auto sized PDF form fields always used Arial as the font because of an internal font setting failure

Released 2012-01-05

Version 2.4

RAD PDF interface localization, ViewState improvements, and a streamlined printing experience

Feature Updates
  • WebControlResources property added to PdfIntegrationProvider to allow for string resources to be specified for use in RAD PDF viewer
  • PdfWebControl ViewState now automatically remembers page, zoom, scroll position, etc. on PostBack
  • Printing interface streamlined (clicking "Close" is not required after printing completes)
  • scrollX and scrollY properties added to PdfView object in Client API (viewChanged event fires on scroll change)
  • side property added to PdfView object in Client API (viewChanged event fires on side panel change)
  • CultureName property added to PdfWebControl
  • ViewerHighlightsDefault property added to PdfWebControl
  • SaveDocumentChanges property added to DocumentSavingEventArgs
Bug Fixes
  • Some damaged PDF files with inline arrays, a damaged page object, a damaged header, or a damaged font couldn't be opened
  • Client API validateForm method did not check if required form fields are completed when EnforceRequired PdfDocumentSetting was not set
  • Changes to DocumentSavingEventArgs.Document were not always properly saved to storage
  • A selected text object moved unexpectedly in some slow browsers with small window sizes

Released 2011-12-13

Version 2.3

Export PDF form data as FDF or XFDF, navigate directly to named destinations, and an improved Client API

Feature Updates
  • Named Destination support; ViewerNamedDestinationDefault property added to PdfWebControl
  • ExportData function added to PdfFieldCollection to allow the exporting of PDF form field data as FDF and XFDF
  • Object properties (border, color, fillColor, lineColor, and lineWidth) added to Client API
Bug Fixes
  • Some PDF files (often those containing a PDF portfolio, invalid annotation, or XFA form) could cause an error on load
  • Some rare PDF forms could not be saved properly (form field values contained invalid characters)
  • Some very rare PDF files selected and searched some text twice (offset)
  • New untitled form fields were not always properly named

Released 2011-11-15

Version 2.2

Open more malformed PDF files, complete PDF forms quicker using the keyboard, and other minor updates

Feature Updates
  • Support for corrupt or malformed PDF files needing repair significantly improved
  • Tab support added for check, combo, list, and radio form fields
  • PNG image alpha / transparency support
  • ExportValue option added to PdfOption
  • Old PdfDocumentInfo class renamed PdfDocumentProperties
  • PdfDocumentInfo class added to access a PDF's Document Information dictionary
  • NeedAppearances property added to PdfFieldCollection class
  • HideFocusOutline property added to PdfObject class
  • HideFocusOutline property added to PdfWebControl class
  • SetDocumentFileName method added to PdfStorageAdapter
  • addObject method added to Client API
  • getHasUnsavedChanges method added to Client API
Bug Fixes
  • Documents which add 2 or more fields with the same name would not have read-only or required attributes set
  • AcroForm /Q 1 globally specified field alignment was ignored
  • Some interactive annotations rendered to background image incorrectly
  • Checkbox form fields using a circle as the checkmark did not render correctly
  • Some check mark types (check, cross, star, diamond) for pre-existing check form fields appeared incorrectly in IE6 and IE7
  • Client API could not properly access PdfObject's CustomData property
  • Check shapes could incorrectly be transparent
  • Color property of PdfCheckShape had no effect
  • Toolbox Bitmap for PdfWebControl incorrectly displayed in Visual Studio (didn't work after obfuscated with v6.1)
  • Form field tabbing would not work properly in some browsers if specific toolbars were hidden (caused by a loss of DOM focus)
  • Delete and Unlock buttons not properly shown on toolbar for all object types in PdfWebControl interface

Released 2011-10-13

Version 2.1

Create new blank PDF documents, more tightly control printing, and other minor updates

Feature Updates
  • Create new blank PDF documents using RAD PDF (via new CreateDocument overloads)
  • Dynamically set the DPI for rendering documents when printing (via PrintDpi property of DocumentPrintingEventArgs)
  • Dynamically set the page printing range (via PrintPageFrom and PrintPageTo properties of DocumentPrintingEventArgs)
Bug Fixes
  • Client API getProperties method did not always return a valid object
  • Client prompted twice for PDF password even if it was previously entered properly

Released 2011-08-15

Version 2.0

More powerful APIs, tighter integration, and more customizable PDF workflows

Feature Updates
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or .NET Framework 4.0 required
  • New PdfIntegrationProvider class for tighter ASP.NET Web application integration with RAD PDF events and customization
  • Client API overhaul including:
    • setMode method added (set the current user tool / interaction mode)
    • objectAdded, objectClick, objectSelected, and objectUnselected events added
    • viewChanged event replaces pageChanged event for additional view change notification
    • downloading event replaces download to conform with new component model
    • printing event replaces print to conform with new component model
    • saved event replaces saveComplete to conform with new component model
    • saving event replaces save to conform with new component model
    • getView and setView methods replace individual methods for retrieving and changing aspects of the current view
    • getProperties and setProperties methods added for use with new JavaScript PdfObject class for browser side object manipulation
    • validateForm method added to check that all required form fields are completed and form meets other validation requirements
  • PdfStorageAdapter class replaces 1.x PdfWebData class (allowing easy access to RAD PDF stored information internal or external of a web application)
  • RenderControl and RenderHead methods added to PdfWebControl for ease of use with inline ASPX writes, HttpHandlers, or MVC applications
  • Maintenance routinue greatly improved (significantly reduced overhead for large RAD PDF databases)
  • Maintenance routinue can now be executed via command line (RadPdfService.exe -maint)
  • CustomData property added to PdfObject class (to associate custom data with a specific object)
  • Visible property added to PdfObject class
  • DisableLinks property added to PdfWebControl
  • HideObjectPropertiesBar property added to PdfWebControl
  • Author property added to PdfMarkupAnnotation class
Bug Fixes
  • RAD PDF maintenance could orphan object data in timeout scenarios

Released 2011-06-06

Version 1.10

Add highlight annotations to PDF files, large file optimizations, and significant performance improvements

Feature Updates
  • Highlight annotations can be added to PDF documents in RAD PDF interface
  • Improved RAD PDF System Service process isolation for increased stability
  • Significant JavaScript improvements for large PDF documents being viewed
  • Rendering speed on 64-bit servers significantly improved
  • DisableLinkWarning property added to PdfWebControl
  • HideBottomBar property added to PdfWebControl
  • HideToggleHighlightsButton property added to PdfWebControl
  • Combo / list form field "Sort" flag changeable and supported
  • Set "Check Type" on check / radio form fields
  • Client API pageChanged event added
  • Animated GIF images now rejected on upload
  • Client API save method now replicates RAD PDF save button
  • Client API saveAndWait method added
Bug Fixes
  • ViewerZoomDefault would not properly apply ZoomFitWidth, ZoomFitHeight, or ZoomFitAll
  • In some browsers, SaveComplete callback would fail if page had been soft refreshed
  • Incorrect error message shown on aborted web request loading an instance of RAD PDF
  • Some very rarely encountered PDF files could crash RAD PDF System Service
  • Sticky note popup locations where not always set properly
  • Some temp files were not properly cleaned up
  • Text selection highlights in some browsers were incorrect when selecting small text
  • Text search could error in rare cases (e.g. words ending in \\")
  • Page thumbnails did not display properly if page modifications were made while thumbnail pane was not visible
  • Insert tab was not properly hidden if DisableInsertTools was set
  • Underlined text was not properly displayed in Internet Explorer
  • Right click drop down menu could be positioned poorly for objects near bottom
  • Client API getPageCurrent and setPageCurrent incorrectly implemented

Released 2011-04-13

Version 1.9

Add images to PDF files, customize resolution, and future browser support improvements

Feature Updates
  • Images can be added to PDF documents in RAD PDF interface
  • New PdfImageShape class for PdfDocument editor for server side image additions
  • New RAD PDF database table required (objs)
  • Proportional object resizing support (hold SHIFT key)
  • Custom page rendering resolution (RenderDpi property added to PdfWebControl)
  • Printing dialogs optimized
  • Set form field alignment in client interface
Bug Fixes
  • Internet Explorer 9 BETA bug when viewing link object properties
  • Pages and thumbnails could be "dragged" to desktop in Firefox
  • Some object borders were not zoomed
  • DocumentPasswordPending property incorrectly raised exception in some cases
  • Fit to width / height / page did not always zoom properly for rotated pages
  • Newly added read-only form fields were not highlighted
  • Form field alignment was not respected while typing
  • When adding PDF form fields of the same name, values were not always updated on screen
  • When unlocking PDF form fields, invalid field names could be set
  • Max length attribute on multiline text form fields was ignored

Released 2011-02-01

Version 1.8

Built in client-side password prompting, PDF encryption, and Internet Explorer 9 BETA support

Feature Updates
  • Client-side users can optionally be prompted for PDF password if needed
  • Client-side users can set document security settings & optionally password protect PDF documents
  • Tab order from PDF document is now optionally used
  • Internet Explorer 9 BETA support
  • Changes to RAD PDF database docs and pdfs tables required
  • PDF files which contained invalid objects in the xref table could not be loaded; invalid objects are now ignored
Bug Fixes
  • Bookmarks or link annotations pointing to deleted pages incorrectly loaded the pages anyways
  • Searching for the same term again if not found did not provide any feedback
  • Pre-existing markup annotations which had their open state changed were not properly set in output PDF
  • Combo form fields did not properly show no value if no value selected
  • Encrypted PDF files now properly reference previously opened documents when AllowFindMatchingPdf is true
  • PDF form field widgets with the Invisible flag set did not properly display in PdfWebControl
  • RAD PDF raised error if Windows Event Log was full
  • Some PDF drop down form fields truncated all but first letter of UTF-16 encoded combo / list options
  • Font stroke issue with Arial Unicode MS Bold fixed
  • Loading documents with drop down form field options and export values which were an empty string (which is not allowed by Acrobat) raised an error

Released 2010-09-23

Version 1.7

Support for ASP.NET 4.0, PDF file searching, and on-demand PDF thumbnail loading.

Feature Updates
  • ASP.NET 4.0 support
  • Search PDF files for text
  • Load PDF thumbnails on demand (as they come into view)
  • Fit / zoom / rectangle information for page & bookmark links used for navigation
  • PNG image format support (greatly increases rendering clarity on text documents)
  • Safari 5 & Chrome 5 support
  • Text on rotated pages can now be selected
Bug Fixes
  • Some object properties could not be set in PdfWebControl client interface
  • Form field fonts were not properly set to bold / italic when loading PDF
  • Safari / Chrome text box focus improperly shown
  • Seperate words rotated near eachother were sometimes detected as a single word
  • PDF thumbnails were downloaded even if the thumbnail pane was disabled
  • Wrapped text shapes on rotated pages were not added to PDF correctly
  • Check shapes on rotated pages were not added to PDF correctly
  • Text in PDF files with invalid ToUnicode CMaps could not be selected / copied
  • PDF files containing characters outside XML's allowed character range could prevent file display in browser
  • PDF files with invalid escape sequences in string objects were skipped while Acrobat copies the character behind the backslash
  • Minor printing artifact in some browsers
  • PDF files with some kinds of invalid objects could cause rendering thread not to finish
  • PDF thumbnails in multi-threaded browsers on fast computers were sometimes shown in duplicate

Released 2010-06-15

Version 1.6

First .NET 3.5 release of RAD PDF, removes MSMQ requirement, PDF form field improvements, and HTTP compression

Feature Updates
  • .NET 3.5 now required
  • MSMQ no longer required for RAD PDF
  • Slight rendering speed improvements, particularly when loading multiple document simultaneously
  • Editable combo box form fields now supported
  • Maximum length, read-only, "comb", & "autosize" can be set for PDF form fields
  • HTTP compression support (Deflate / GZIP)
  • Maintenance custom connection string & timeout options added
Bug Fixes
  • Some PDF form field formatting on 64-bit versions of Windows could cause an unhandled an exception
  • PDF files with invalid operators in its content stream could prevent proper text extraction and prevent loading of PDF
  • Error loading PDF files with certain page label types
  • Auto sized form fields were not always displayed correctly
  • PDF button form fields were not rendered properly
  • Text form fields max length not always property determined
  • Client browsers which do not support HTML encoded ampersands in URLs failed to load Client API
  • Line / Arrows added after an object with no border could create an invisible line / arrow object
  • Shape objects could not have a line with smaller than 4 set

Released 2010-04-29

Version 1.5

Improved form field manipulation, database maintenance, and rendering of unsupported PDF features

Feature Updates
  • Modify existing PDF form fields
  • Add new radio, list, & combo PDF form fields (in addition to check & text fields)
  • Improved user interface (links are now highlighted & user tools settings remembered)
  • PDF user password support
  • Unsupported PDF features can now optionally be displayed in RAD PDF
  • Form field styling improvements (respects border, tooltip, & checkmark type)
Bug Fixes
  • Tool tip corrections

Released 2010-04-01

Version 1.4

Improved PDF XFA form accommodation, 64-bit server compatibility & new server-side events

Feature Updates
  • 64-bit support added (x64 / AMD64 / Intel64 / x86-64)
  • XFA forms can now be used in RAD PDF (XFA form data is converted to the AcroForms standard)
  • Document key generation improved (better protects RAD PDF access)
  • Large PDF files now load significantly faster
  • RadPdfWebControl updated
    • SaveComplete server-side event added
    • DocumentInfo property added (retrieve common information associated with loaded document)
    • PDF property added (retrieve previously loaded document with all saved modifications, as a PDF)
    • OriginalPDF property added (retrieve previously loaded document with no modifications, as a PDF)
    • DisableClientCallbacks property added (enable / disable client callbacks to server)
    • EnablePrintSettingsDialog property added (enable / disable client print settings dialog)
    • EnableUnloadWarning property added (enable / disable warning on leaving page RAD PDF is on)
    • LoadDocument (some overloads) renamed CreateDocument
    • CopyDocument method added (copy existing documents to new document instances and open them)
    • DisableUnloadWarning property removed (to better communicate default state for UnloadWarning)
    • DocumentId property renamed to DocumentID
    • GetDocumentID property removed
    • SaveViewerProperties method removed (Viewstate now managed internally)
    • LoadViewerProperties method removed (Viewstate now managed internally)
  • RadPdfWebData updated
    • GetDocumentOriginalAsPDF method added
    • GetDocumentInfo method added
    • GetDocumentOutputData renamed to GetDocumentAsPDF (for consistency)
  • Database updated
    • docs table updated (upgrade script included)
    • keys table updated (upgrade script included)
Bug Fixes
  • PDF link creation caused error on saving
  • Missing annotation image in GUI
  • Document filenames incorrect when AllowFindMatchingPDF is true
  • RAD PDF instances in custom web controls used conflicting HTML element IDs
  • GetDocumentOutputData did not return document as PDF if document had never been modified

Released 2009-12-10

Version 1.3

Improved document loading times, annotation support, & improved browser compatibility

Feature Updates
  • Improved document loading (near instant display of first page)
  • PDF document rendering improved (pages now appear crisper and cleaner)
  • Text annotation ("Sticky Note") support added
  • Opera browser support added
  • Word detection for text selection improved
  • Documentation for web.config updated for IIS 7 with Managed Pipeline Mode set to "Integrated"
  • GUI's last tool style choices remembered
  • DocumentEditor updated
    • RadPdfTextAnnotation class added for text annotation manipulation
    • RadPdfPopupAnnotation class added for popup annotation manipulation
    • Various RadPdfObject members added (for RAD PDF object manipulation)
      • Changeable (get / set if an object's value can be changed in GUI)
      • ExportValue (get / set the export value of check form fields)
      • Multiline (get / set whether text form fields can contain multiple lines of text)
Bug Fixes
  • Check form fields could not be created in DocumentEditor using CreateObject
  • Text extraction would sometimes extract duplicate information on some pages
  • Cultural interoperation issue resolved for installations of localized versions of Windows in which comma is used as decimal separator
  • Some links were positioned incorrectly
  • Some pages could not be properly rotated
  • Some pages moved to wrong location on save
  • Some documents with deleted pages did not properly print
  • GetDocumentOutputData did not always return OutputData
  • Some GUI buttons / dialogs incorrectly rendered in IE6
  • Printing in IE7 would produce poor results with some output margin settings

Released 2009-10-23

Version 1.2

Updated PDF editor interface, document settings, & RAD PDF viewer settings.

Feature Updates
  • Form fields in PDF editor now highlighted using new partially transparent style
  • PDF text can now be selected using all supported browsers
  • RadPdfWebControl properties added
    • HideFileMenu (hides file drop down menu on TopBar)
    • HideEditMenu (hides edit drop down menu on TopBar)
    • HideRightClickMenu (hides editing menu in PDF editor when right clicked)
    • HideSelectMenu (hides selection menu on TopBar)
    • HideToolsBar (hides all tools & tabs in PDF editor interface)
    • HideToolsMenu (hides tools drop down menu on TopBar)
    • HideViewMenu (hides view / zoom menu on TopBar)
    • ViewerPage (sets default page viewer should open)
    • ViewerZoom (sets default viewer zoom level for all pages in document)
  • DocumentSettings enumeration updated
    • DisableFormFields (disable use of form fields in document)
    • DisableAnnotations (disable use of annotations in document)
    • IsReadOnlyExceptFormFields (disable all modifications except form fields)
  • DocumentEditor updated
    • CreateObject method of RadPdfPage (add new RAD PDF objects to PDF pages)
    • Various RadPdfObject members added (for RAD PDF object manipulation)
      • Deletable (get / set if object can be deleted in GUI)
      • Moveable (get / set if object can be moved in GUI)
      • ReadOnly (get / set if object text can be changed in GUI, text objects only)
      • Resizable (get / set if object can be resized in GUI)
      • Stylable (get / set if object can be styled (change font, color, etc) in GUI)
Bug Fixes
  • Some pages not properly rotated on save
  • MSMQ was not always properly configured

Released 2009-09-08

Version 1.1

Updated PDF editor interface, new DocumentEditor for PDF preprocessing, performance improvements, & minor bug fixes.

Feature Updates
  • EditDocument method added
  • DocumentEditor class added (PDF preprocessing)
  • RadPdfLibrary.Data.Document Namespace (and sub-Namespaces) added
  • RAD PDF Exception handling improved (GetLastError method removed)
  • RadPdfLibrary.Exceptions Namespace added
  • PDF rendering engine updated
  • Code optimizations and improved memory handling
  • PDF form field features added (PDF form field combs & PDF form field max length)
  • Firefox 3.5 compatible
Bug Fixes
  • Text selection not loaded in RAD PDF interface
  • Some registry settings saved in incorrect places
  • Color in some color spaces not properly parsed
  • Rotated annotations not properly displayed

Released 2009-06-01

Version 1.0

Initial Public Release of RAD PDF.

Feature Updates
  • HideTopBar property added
  • HideBookmarks property added
  • ViewerSideShown property added
  • RAD PDF now loads PDF bookmarks
  • RAD PDF now loads PDF url & page link annotations
Bug Fixes
  • Minor installer bug corrected in which RAD PDF Service would not be started until restart

Released 2009-08-13

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