RAD PDF Release Notes

This file is updated with general information about changes made to RAD PDF

Version 3.44

Signed form fields are now imported by RAD PDF and info accessible from the server API

Feature Updates Bug Fixes
  • Base path was not used when rendering Client API resources in OnPreRender()
  • Client API "objectChange" event was not fired when changing a form field's value via the drop down date picker

Released 2024-04-17 (download)

Version 3.43

Free text annotation support, system service improvements, and more

Feature Updates
  • CspSaferRendering now also disables direct execution of PDF JavaScript
  • DefaultPdfLiteSessionProvider for .NET Core now implements IUpdateableLiteSessionProvider
  • DefaultPdfLiteSessionProvider implementation of IUpdateableLiteSessionProvider for the .NET Framework now throws an InvalidOperationException if handler does not implement IRequiresSessionState
  • High performance service caching options - ask Red Software for more details on very busy servers
  • If CspSaferRendering or DisablePdfJavaScript is true, the most commonly used formatting and calculation functions (e.g. AF*() methods and simplified field notation) are implemented safely using an internal parser and the browser native JSON.parse(), allowing for limited calculation and formatting support without direct script execution
  • PdfFreeTextAnnotations can now be added by GUI, Client API and Server API
  • RAD PDF System Service default memory footprint reduced
  • RAD PDF System Service now supports multiple reads of the same object from disk concurrently
  • RadPdfDocumentKeyNotFoundException is now logged as a warning instead of as an error
Bug Fixes
  • Annotation opacity wasn't always applied
  • PdfLiteSettings.UseHash was not always respected for empty documents
  • Redaction fixed for some orientations

Released 2024-03-05 (download)

Version 3.42

CSP policy support, more sample code, and minor bug fixes

Feature Updates Bug Fixes

Released 2024-01-31 (download)

Version 3.41

Mobile device enhancements, image upload options, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • Goto page drop down improved for narrow devices
  • Long touch on touch devices to activate context menu / right click menu
  • ObjectDataAddingEventArgs.ApplyExifOrientation property added, allowing for EXIF orientation to be used for images uploaded to objects
  • ObjectDataAddingEventArgs.Data is now settable, allowing for advanced image processing of object uploads
  • PdfIntegrationProvider.OnInternalWarning() overloadable method added, allowing for programmatic access to RAD PDF warnings
  • PdfWebControl.RenderFrameUrl() / PdfWebControlLite.RenderFrameUrl() methods added for advanced use
  • Right click popup menu position improved for narrow devices
Bug Fixes
  • Form field properties dialog did not work properly on iOS
  • ObjectDataAddingEventArgs.PdfObjectType should not always be typeof(PdfImageShape)
  • Page navigation drop down did not display properly with some viewer settings
  • PdfSignatureShape did not show image signatures properly after a zoom change until the page was refreshed
  • Rendering engine: There was still an issue in the handling of 2 and 4 bit images with a color table or indexed color space
  • Signature popup did not properly display drawn signatures
  • Signature popup did not display OK button in proper position on very narrow mobile devices
  • Tabbing in signature popup sometimes caused scroll issues (tabbed to off-screen iframe)

Released 2023-12-19 (download)

Version 3.40

ASP.NET Core HttpContext access added for Lite Documents and PDF parsing improvements

Feature Updates
  • PdfLiteSession.HttpContext property added for .NET Core
  • Page import was aborted if a stream contained an invalid compression filter (these streams are treated as uncompressed now, like Acrobat)
  • Improved repair capabilities for damaged PDF files which end in an open dictionary object
Bug Fixes
  • Import failed if the first xref table was on a cache boundary (when the file contained more than 128 additional bytes behind the %%EOF marker)

Released 2023-10-24 (download)

Version 3.39

Experimental text redaction for whiteout shapes and other improvements

Feature Updates Bug Fixes
  • The calculated font size of a PdfCheckField check mark was sometimes too small if the bounding box was also small

Released 2023-09-12 (download)

Version 3.38

Support for Windows arm64 and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • NuGet now includes Windows arm64 binary (win-arm64)
  • PdfDocumentSettings.DisableRedaction enum added for future use (experimental)
  • PdfWhiteoutShape can now be set to a custom color (PdfWhiteoutShape.FillColor property)
Bug Fixes
  • PdfSignatureShape's Changeable=false property didn't work if PopupInput=false
  • Uploaded images with EXIF orientation data caused those images to appear incorrectly on screen relative to output

Released 2023-07-19 (download)

Version 3.37

SQL Server improvements for .NET Core / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Feature Updates
  • Core / .NET 5+ build dependency switched from System.Data.SqlClient to Microsoft.Data.SqlClient so that new SQL Server features can be used
Bug Fixes
  • Highlight annotation bounding boxes were sometimes too small
  • Some invisible signatures were not imported
  • Toggling highlights back on did not show radio form field highlight correctly

Released 2023-05-16 (download)

Version 3.36.1

Required field improvements and important bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • IPdfFieldRequired is now publicly defined
  • PdfCheckField.HasValue property added
  • PdfCheckField.Required property added
Bug Fixes
  • A negative PDF object number caused a crash on 32-bit Windows
  • A PDF file defining a stream object with a malformed length could cause an overflow
  • Windows font loader: The duplicate check for user font files considered the font file name but not the full path

Released 2023-03-29

Version 3.36

Page label support and radio field highlight improvements

Feature Updates
  • Additional PDF files can now be repaired (e.g. some streams with invalid definitions)
  • DisablePageLabels property added to PdfWebControl / PdfWebControlLite
  • Object properties & delete buttons can now more easily be used on mobile
  • Page labels are now imported from PDF documents and shown in GUI by default
  • PageLabel property added to PdfPage class
  • Radio fields with circular check marks are now highlighted inside circle only (can be disabled to save resources)
Bug Fixes
  • Radio form fields with circular check marks clipped some content outside of the rendered circle
  • Rendering: The special colorant Black produced an inverted image if the color space was used by a 1 bit image

Released 2023-02-28

Version 3.35

ASP.NET Core 7 ready and important bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • .NET Core 7.0 compatibility added
  • Admin Tool minimize button added
Bug Fixes
  • Admin Tool service status icon sometimes flickered
  • Annotation "creationDate" and "modifiedDate" did not apply timezone properly

Released 2023-01-18

Version 3.34

Improved PDF collection / portfolio support and Server API improvements

Feature Updates
  • Corrections added for more basic PDF file corruptions / syntax errors
  • PdfButtonField.NamedAction property added
  • PdfButtonField.IsNamedAction property added
  • PdfButtonField() constructor added - PdfButtonFields can be created by Server API (and have actions set)
  • PdfLiteSettings.ConvertMeaninglessCollections property added
  • PdfObjectCreatable.FormFieldButton added
  • PdfWebControl.ConvertMeaninglessCollections property added
  • PdfWebControl.DisableResponsive property added
  • PdfWebControlLite.DisableResponsive property added
  • "Meaningless" catalog collections (single PDF in container with root document asking for a reader "upgrade") now removed using ConvertMeaninglessCollections property
  • Scrolling now more quickly loads next page
Bug Fixes
  • Form field borders didn't always render correctly
  • PdfSignatureShapes didn't always render popup pen input correctly
  • Reloading document caused some objects to not be properly re-rendered in IE11
Breaking Changes
  • PdfWebControl.CollapsibleViewerSide default is now true
  • PdfWebControlLite.CollapsibleViewerSide default is now true

Released 2022-12-14

Version 3.33

Client API improvements and important bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Modified date is now updated for annotations when changed in the GUI
  • Named action support improved
  • "wrapped" property added to Client API for PdfObjects
Bug Fixes
  • Field options weren't always properly updated when multiple field instances existed on pages not yet loaded
  • PdfButtonFields and PdfSignatureFields could not be deleted, even when RenderUnsupportedPdfFeatures=false, for non-Lite documents
  • PdfUnderlineAnnotations were not always properly encoded in PDF output, sometimes causing visibility issues if saved and re-opened
  • Wrapped PdfTextShapes with CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) text did not always wrap properly in PDF output

Released 2022-10-25

Version 3.32

PDF JavaScript support improvements and important bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Buttons with named actions are now partially supported (e.g. print, next page, etc)
  • PdfMarkupAnnotation.ModifiedDate property added
  • PDF JavaScript implementation now includes "display" object
  • PDF JavaScript implementation now supports .setItems() method
  • RadPdfPdfProcessingParserException.PdfData property added
Bug Fixes
  • app.alert method was not well implemented for PDF JavaScript in some browsers
  • Downloads immediately after a server side forced document reload did not properly reload the page content in some browsers
  • Drop down form fields showed drop down arrow handle when read-only (Acrobat does not show it if read-only)
  • CreationDate month was wrong for new annotations
  • PdfCircleAnnotations and PdfSquareAnnotations did not properly import creation date
  • PNG images added to PDF files did not always preserve their transparency

Released 2022-09-13

Version 3.31

API updates and important bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • "lockHeight" and "lockWidth" properties added to Client API for PdfObjects
  • PdfObject.LockWidth and PdfObject.LockHeight properties added to PdfObject
  • PDF processing speed improvements, including improvements with processing leading zeros, named destinations, and more
Bug Fixes
  • Client API did not allow visible and other common object properties of PdfSignatureShapes to be set (they could be set using the Server API)
  • Security improvement related to damaged PDF files (a buffer overrun occurred if a damaged PDF file ended within an xref offset)
  • Security improvement related to rendering PDF files with a nested transparency group (a memory leak could occur if an out of memory exception occurred)
  • The appearance streams of PdfComboFields or PdfListFields with multiple instances (more than one with the same name) were not updated after changing the selected value

Released 2022-07-05

Version 3.30

Signature integration improvements, RenderAtClient updates, and important bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Client API updated to include PdfObject.copySignatureTo() method
  • PdfSignatureShape.AddPath() method added
  • RenderAtClient rendering engine improved
Bug Fixes
  • PdfDocumentEditor.Append(PdfLiteSession) did not correctly copy all data from document being appended
  • PdfDocumentEditor.Append(PdfLiteSession) unnecessarily threw a RadPdfDatabase exception
  • Security improvement related to DeviceN processing
  • Security improvement related to form field font processing

Released 2022-05-24

Version 3.29

Offline use, RenderAtClient improved, and important bug fixes

Feature Updates Bug Fixes
  • Certificate signed PDF output was corrupt in some cases
  • mmmm and mmm formatting didn't work when the month name contained reserved letters
  • Text selection location was sometimes incorrect

Released 2022-04-12

Version 3.28

New PDF encryption options, Safari workarounds, and other bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • PdfDocumentSecurity.EncryptionAlgorithm property added
  • PdfEncryptionAlgorithm enumeration added
  • RadPdfService -clearcache argument support added
  • Work around added for iOS Safari 15 text magnifying glass causing issues
  • Work around added for Safari which printed an extra blank page between pages in some cases because Safari does not fully support CSS @page directives
Bug Fixes
  • Form fields with multiple instances appeared on the wrong page in some instances
  • New PdfCircleAnnotations and PdfSquareAnnotations did not properly setup their border widths or child popup annotations
  • Radio form field export values were sometimes improperly imported
  • ThenReload property caused download button not to be shown on iOS
  • Uniscribe related CTL / Complex Text Layout fixes

Released 2022-03-01

Version 3.27

Complex text layout / script (e.g. Arabic, Thai) support, per annotation / field flattening, and important bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • DefaultPdfLiteSessionProvider now implements IUpdateableLiteSessionProvider
  • Empty document uploads now preserve their file name in the XML and are used by default for downloads
  • Flatten individual annotations or form fields using the client or server API
  • IUpdateableLiteSessionProvider interface added allowing PdfLiteSessionProviders to be updated for empty documents
  • PdfAdvancedSettings.UseUniscribe property added, allowing for complex text layouts and scripts
  • PdfAnnotation.Flatten property added
  • PdfField.Flatten property added
  • PdfWebControlLite.CreateEmptyDocument() and PdfWebControlLite.CreateEmptyDocument(settings) overloads added
  • RenderAtClient engine improvements
  • Support added for complex scripts like Arabic, Thai, Devanagari, Lao, etc. using Uniscribe
Bug Fixes
  • AFDate_KeystrokeEx() implementation blocked letter input for mmm / mmmm formated text fields
  • After saving, some PDF forms using calcuation scripts broke if attached to a field with a parent
  • ExportValue value for some radio fields was imported incorrectly
  • RAD PDF System Service in memory cache could survive on disk cache, causing rendering issues, in rare cases

Released 2022-01-11

Version 3.26

ASP.NET 6 ready, form field formatting, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • .NET 6 support added
  • PdfWebControl.FlattenInput property added
  • Text field formatted values now add format to appearance stream
  • Visual Studio 2022 / .NET 6 sample code added
Bug Fixes
  • Date picker did not signal a document change and could not be undone
  • JavaScript error occurred when typing in some form fields in Internet Explorer 8
  • PdfComboFields were not properly formatted by formatting scripts

Released 2021-11-17

Version 3.25

Page preloading options, Safari 15 support, and other updates

Feature Updates
  • PdfWebControl.DisablePreloading property added
  • PdfWebControlLite.DisablePreloading property added
  • RAD PDF now renders page before and after any other rendered page by default
Bug Fixes
  • Safari 15 on macOS canvas bug work around added for small checkboxes and other small, drawn objects.

Released 2021-10-19

Version 3.24

Rendering improvements, new date picker, and other updates

Feature Updates
  • Date formatting now supports mmm and mmmm date formats
  • Date picker added to allow text form fields formatted for date input to be selected using a drop down date picker
  • PdfWebControl.DisableDatePicker property added
  • PdfWebControlLite.DisableDatePicker property added
Bug Fixes
  • On demand rendering errors were not always properly logged
  • PDF repairing improvements
  • Server side rendering bug fixes
  • Toggle highlights wasn't shown when if form fields aren't editable

Released 2021-09-28

Version 3.23

.NET Standard 2.0 support, NuGet package for all platforms, and other important updates

Feature Updates
  • .NET Standard 2.0 support added
  • NuGet package for RAD PDF using .NET Core, .NET Framework 3.5/4.x, or .NET 5
  • RenderAtClient renderer updated to latest version for non-IE11 browsers
Bug Fixes
  • iOS 12 and earlier could not edit pre-existing form fields (or other non-moveable objects)
  • JPEG decoder would fail, inconsistently, when rendering some PDF pages

Released 2021-08-24

Version 3.22

Render pages server side without the RAD PDF Service

Feature Updates
  • PdfAdvancedSettings.AllowHttpHandlerRendering property added
  • Setting UseService to false allows server side rendering without RAD PDF Service
  • UseService shortcut property added to RadPdfCoreMiddlewareSettings (.NET Core / .NET 5 only)
Bug Fixes
  • Client API documentation fix
  • WebKit based browsers would scroll RAD PDF iframe to top when clicking some buttons in the interface

Released 2021-07-22

Version 3.21

Rendering efficiency improvements for large files, Client API updates, and important bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Cancel button for PdfSignatureShape with popup is now hidden by default, but responds to ESC key
  • Client API .reload() method added
  • Docs maintenance script improvement
  • Memory usage reduced and rendering speed significantly increased when rendering pages server-side for large PDF documents containing many pages
Bug Fixes
  • Infinite loop when loading files with damaged named destinations
  • Right aligned or RTL text in combo boxes was cut off by drop down arrow
  • Thumbnails shifted in DOM needlessly before rendering

Released 2021-06-01

Version 3.20.5

Minor product improvements and bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • RadPdfPdfProcessingParserException class added, allowing for a distinction between an exception caused by the file's syntax and other RadPdfPdfProcessingExceptions
  • RadPdfPdfProcessingParserException.ShowFriendlyMessage added, allowing for a more friendly message to be shown when uploading a corrupt file to an empty document (instead of a generic server error)
  • Resource files updated
Bug Fixes
  • Object properties dialog threw exception for combo / drop down and list box form fields
  • ConvertImageToPdf did not work for empty documents
  • Exception loading PDF files with an empty BBox
  • Images with a compressed size smaller than 256 bytes did not render in some cases
  • Search without results showed wrong error message in GUI
  • Type1 font use related rendering fixes

Released 2021-04-26

Version 3.20

New empty document containers and uploader improvements

Feature Updates
  • AJAX error messages improved, especially for uploads
  • CSS improvements for upload dialogs
  • PdfWebControlLite.CreateEmptyDocument() method added allowing for easy user loading of PDF files
  • PdfIntegrationProvider.OnDocumentUploading() method added
Bug Fixes
  • CORS could cause an exception when checking viewport scaling
  • Drag and drop of images for PdfSignatureShapes did not upload properly
  • Hovering over some tools made them disappear
  • PdfSignatureShapes without popup input were not easily signed on touch devices
  • Viewstate was not always properly loaded or restored

Released 2021-03-16

Version 3.19.5

Mobile device improvements

Feature Updates
  • Android pinch-to-zoom improvements
  • BasePath property added to PdfWebControl / PdfWebControlLite
  • Form field border style improvements
  • RenderAtClient rendering improvements
  • ServicePdfLiteSessionProvider added
Bug Fixes
  • Pinch-to-zoom did not work properly on non-page container elements on iOS
  • Pinch-to-zoom was choppy or jumpy on some devices
  • Pinch-to-zoom with RenderAtClient caused unhanded exceptions
  • Popup annotations sometimes lost style information when editing

Released 2021-02-16

Version 3.19

Mobile device enhancements and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • DisableTouchGestures added to PdfWebControl / PdfWebControlLite
  • Pinch-to-zoom gesture support added to RAD PDF main view
  • Rendering speed improved for PDF files using JPEG 2000 images
  • Zoom to center
Bug Fixes
  • Markup annotation values with non-ANSI text didn't properly embed some Rich Content / Rich Text
  • Markup annotations with a rich text value which did not match the plain text should was not ignored, per the PDF specification

Released 2021-01-21

Version 3.18.5

ASP.NET 5 ready and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • .NET 5 support added
  • PdfLiteSession can be deserialized and serialized using a custom IFormatter
  • PdfLiteSessionFormatter class added
Bug Fixes
  • RenderUnsupported was ignored when using RenderAtClient with Lite Documents

Released 2020-12-14

Version 3.18

Client API and PdfDocumentEditor improvements

Feature Updates
  • Client API event "objectKeypress" added
  • Client API property "editMode" added to PdfObjectProperties
  • CMap files updated
  • PdfButtonField.Label property added
  • PdfButtonField.SubmitAction property added
  • PdfField.Value property added
  • PdfObject public constructors added allowing new objects to be added using a "new PdfTextShape(PdfPage)" pattern
  • PdfPath.GetPoints() method added
Bug Fixes
  • RenderAtClient did not properly render button form fields without actions

Released 2020-11-17

Version 3.17

GUI now supports redo and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • Client API api.redo() method added
  • "isSigned" added to PdfObjectProperties for PdfSignatureShape objects
  • PdfCertifier(CspParameters) constructor added, primarily for ASP.NET Core
  • PdfCertifier.Silent property added, primarily for ASP.NET Core
  • PdfSignatureShape popup now scales down when sub 520px control width
  • Redo support added to interface
Bug Fixes
  • Fonts without metrics had their midpoint poorly approximated

Released 2020-09-22

Version 3.16

Certify documents by digitally signing output with RSA / X.509 certificates and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • DocumentSavingEventArgs.CertifyUsing property added to sign PDF output with a certificate
  • PdfDocumentEditor.CerifyUsing property added to certify PdfDocumentEditor.Save() output
  • PdfCertifier class added to specify the certificate and settings when signing
  • PdfTimeStamper class added to specify the time stamp server and settings when signing
  • Undo object z-order changes (e.g. Move Back, Move Forward)
Bug Fixes
  • WCF impersonation exception was unclear

Released 2020-08-18

Version 3.15

Client API improvements, set images via data URL, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • ASP.NET WebForms Callback is now only added if there is an OnSaved handler registered to at least one control on page
  • Client API api.append(key) now supports a Data URL
  • Client API PdfObject.setImage(key) now supports a Data URL
  • NoView and Print flags can be set from object properties
  • Password property added to PdfTextField
  • PdfDataContext.AllowDataUrl property added to block the use of data URLs
  • PdfDataRequest.DataKeyIsDataUrl property added to detect if a data URL was received from the client
  • PdfDocumentEditor.Append(PdfLiteSession) overload added
  • RenderAtClient rendering improvements
  • RenderAtClient now renders unsupported like server side rendering
Bug Fixes
  • Animated GIFs were not detected by ASP.NET Core
  • Not all HTML elements had properly "alt" tags
  • Not all form fields were properly reset by "Reset" buttons
  • Image stripes in rare cases caused gaps in server side page rendering

Released 2020-07-16

Version 3.14

Client rendering improvements, undo support added, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • ASP.NET Core implementation now supports AllowSynchronousIO=false
  • File upload dialog only show supported file types in supported browsers (IE 10+, Edge 79+, Firefox 37+, Chrome 26+, Safari 11+)
  • GetDataStream() method (virtual) added to PdfLiteStorageProvider allowing for partial data reads
  • GetInfo() method added to DefaultPdfLiteStorageProvider, returns DefaultPdfLiteStorageItemInfo
  • GetPaths() method added to PdfSignatureShape
  • LiteSession property added to ExceptionEventArgs (PdfIntegrationProvider.OnHttpHandlerException)
  • No View and Print flags can now be set in the object properties dialog
  • RenderAtClient now degrades to rendering at server if a JS error occurs
  • RenderAtClient now supports using Range so that large files can be loaded as needed
  • ThrownByHttpHandler property added to RadPdfException
  • UndoLevels property added to PdfWebControl and PdfWebControLite
  • Undo support added
Bug Fixes
  • CMaps were not properly loaded by RenderAtClient
  • Documents pending password could not be imported
  • Editing options for combo / list fields did not restore the proper values in all cases
  • Form field deletions caused saving issues for other radio form fields in some cases
  • ImportDocument() did not work properly for documents that were pending a password
  • List field highlights were sometimes rendered twice, resulting in a darker on screen appearance
  • PdfDocumentSetting.DisableDownload did not prevent download of PDF when printing with RenderAtClientForPrinting=true
  • RenderAtClient failed for newly appended documents
  • Signature shape input with pen did not prevent scrolling
  • Signature shape "Sign" button text did not use the correct font
  • Some buttons caused browser scrolling on touch when using iOS 13
  • Text form fields with auto font size in Safari on Mac after "Zoom In" displayed incorrect
  • Work around added for iOS scrolling bug

Released 2020-06-02

Version 3.13.5

iOS mouse support, iOS desktop mode support, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • Bluetooth mouse support added for iOS / iPad OS
  • Browsing with "Request Desktop Website" turned "On" in Safari on iOS / iPad OS now supported (the new default on iPads with 13.4)
  • Mobile / touch device pinch and zoom improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Extremely large objects (>50") using canvas sometimes caused issues in Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Single click (non-wrapped) PdfTextShapes sometimes did not appear properly on iOS

Released 2020-04-17

Version 3.13

Export and import objects, bug fixes, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • PdfDocument.ExportObjects() method added
  • PdfDocument.ImportObjects(string) method added
  • PdfObject.Export() method added
  • PdfPage.ImportObject(string) method added
  • Page rendering improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Client API would improperly apply "left" and "top" to PdfObject's when the value was passed as a string instead of a numeric
  • PdfObject.OutputToPdf=false on PdfImageShape or PdfSignatureShape would cause object data to be deleted from SQL Server database, as it was not flagged as in use
  • PdfWebControl.CopyDocument(commit=false), image data was not always copied to the new document

Released 2020-03-31

Version 3.12

Render at client for printing and searching, radio button bug fixes, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • PdfAdvancedSettings.UseService property added, optionally preventing the DLL from using the System Service
  • Production License renamed Server License
  • RenderAtClient now also supports rendering printing at the client
  • RenderAtClient now also supports searching at the client
  • RenderAtClientForPrinting added to PdfWebControl and PdfWebControlLite
  • RenderAtClientForViewing added to PdfWebControl and PdfWebControlLite
  • Radio buttons now support a cleared NoToggleToOff flag
  • Work around added for printing Lite Documents with Edge / IE and using DefaultPdfSessionProvider
Bug Fixes
  • Drop down menus did not properly respond to touch on some desktop browsers (Chrome & Firefox)
  • New radio form fields did not always function properly in the GUI
  • New radio form fields did not always have the correct flags set
  • Radio form fields were sometimes mistaken as check fields
  • Security vulnerability fixed: Installer vulnerability (DLL sideloading) fixed by vendor
Breaking Changes
  • PdfAdvancedSettings.UseService will need to be set to false for RAD PDF implementations using RenderAtClient and no available service (previous versions ignored sending errors in some cases)

Released 2020-01-22

Version 3.11.5

General improvements and minor bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Rendering improvements for blending (up to 20% faster)
  • Rendering improvements for embedded JPEG 2000 images
Bug Fixes
  • Rendering corrections for certain dash patterns and gray pixel formats
  • Text field alignment was not set when using Client API
  • Tooltip was not copied when unlocking a form field
  • Tooltip set with Client API was not immediately applied

Released 2019-12-12

Version 3.11

Form field calculation and page rendering improvements

Feature Updates
  • Form field calculations are now performed in the order specified by the form designer
  • Client and server rendering engines improved
Bug Fixes
  • Server side annotation clones were not always output to PDF properly

Released 2019-10-29

Version 3.10.5

General usage improvements and minor bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • ASP.NET Core improvements
  • Documentation improvements
  • PdfWebControlLite.DocumentSession property added
  • RenderAtClient library updated
  • Server rendering improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Client API's PdfObject.unlock() should not allow unlocking for annotations if PdfDocumentSettings.DisableAlterObjects is set
  • Rendering bug fixed: Damaged glyphs with a large bounding box cause could a loop

Released 2019-09-17

Version 3.10

ASP.NET Core support and other minor improvements

Feature Updates
  • ASP.NET Core Support added (RadPdfCore.dll)
  • Rendering anti-aliasing can now be turned off via the registry
Bug Fixes
  • Buffer overflow could occur with some crafty PDF files addressing objects outside of the file size
  • Statistics logging sometimes caused an unhandled exception to be logged instead

Released 2019-07-15

Version 3.9.5

Per object output / printing, API improvements, and minor bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Client API can now set checkType for PdfCheckField and PdfRadioField objects
  • DocumentSavedEventArgs.Document property added
  • PdfLinkAnnotations destination could not be set to "tel:" and other protocols in GUI
  • PdfObject.OutputToPDF property added
  • PdfMarkupAnnotation.Print property added
  • PdfShape.Print property added
  • PdfSignatureShape popup button location improved
Bug Fixes
  • PdfSignatureShape popup buttons did not work with some Android versions
  • PdfSignatureShape text alignment did not work when using a popup
  • Temp files were not used in some cases when creating new documents (loading PDF) in RAD PDF

Released 2019-05-28

Version 3.9

Popup signature shape object improvements and minor bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • DocumentSavingEventArgs.Flatten property added
  • PdfIntegrationProvider.OnHttpHandlerException() added
  • PdfSignatureShape popup GUI now shows which method is selected
  • PdfSignatureShape.PopupButtonText added allowing for custom button text to be set for a signature object
  • PdfSignatureShape.PopupButtonTooltip added allowing for a tooltip to be set for a signature object
  • PdfWcfSettings.MaxReceivedMessageSize default updated to 1 GB
Bug Fixes
  • New versions of Firefox could not change the value of combo (drop down) form fields because of browser changes
  • PdfSignatureShape border was placed slightly off
  • PdfSignatureShape ink in popup did not create dots on single click
  • PdfSignatureShape text was not placed in the same place as the GUI

Released 2019-04-25

Version 3.8

Bidirectional text support added and other minor bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Bidirectional (Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, etc) text is now supported by RAD PDF (connecting letters in languages like Arabic and Urdu is not yet supported; this feature is coming soon)
  • PdfDocument.BidiTextMode property added
  • Server side rendering improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Client API .unlock() no longer causes the "objectChanged" event to fire
  • Right text alignment did not always align properly

Released 2019-03-19

Version 3.7.5

Client API improvements and other minor bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Client API .setProperties() no longer causes the "objectChanged" event to fire
  • Server side rendering improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Client API Page object had some methods broken by 3.7 update
  • Wrapped form fields with auto font size would sometimes use a font smaller than needed

Released 2019-01-22

Version 3.7

Signature shape improvements and other minor enhancements

Feature Updates
  • ImageFit property added to PdfSignatureShape allowing for Contain or Fill image fits
  • PdfSignatureShape fill shown in popup
  • RenderAtClient renderer updated
Bug Fixes
  • PdfSignatureShape border should render last in PDF output

Released 2018-12-04

Version 3.6

Set object rotation using the GUI or API and bug fixes for recently introduced features.

Feature Updates
  • PdfField.Rotation property added
  • PdfImageShape.Rotation property added
  • PdfSignatureShape.Rotation property added
  • PdfTextShape.Rotation property added
Bug Fixes
  • PdfSignatureShape text input did not work properly in all browsers
  • PdfSignatureShape drawn input (when using a Popup) did not always work on iOS

Released 2018-10-23

Version 3.5

Add signatures via a popup dialog and other improvements.

Feature Updates
  • PdfSignatureShape now supports a signature shape which can be clicked and a popup displayed allowing input via mouse, touch, typing or uploaded image
  • PdfSignatureShape.PopupInput added
  • PdfSignatureShape.PopupInputMethods added
Bug Fixes
  • Combo / dropdown form fields could not be activated using touch in some Firefox and Chrome versions on desktops
  • Custom PdfLiteSessionProviders still required ASP.NET session being enabled
  • Grouped thumbnails did not work for Lite Documents using alternative renderer

Released 2018-09-13

Version 3.4.5

General usage improvements and minor bug fixes.

Feature Updates
  • Maintenance can now be run without SQL Server configured to clean up temp usage when only using Lite Documents
  • Signed PDF files with annotations can now be opened (with annotations disabled) without invalidating the signatures
  • Stats reporting added for on demand cache
Bug Fixes
  • Lite document UseHash setting did not work for some PDF files
  • OnClientLoad event was called more than once in some cases

Released 2018-07-02

Version 3.4

Lite Document performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

Feature Updates
  • PdfLiteSettings.UseHash property added allowing resources to be reused for Lite Documents too
  • To improve signature rendering, if annotations are disabled, we don't rename them on import
  • Maintenance can be run without SQL connection string for use with Lite Documents
Bug Fixes
  • Image types were not validated when being added to Lite Documents
  • Services storage total size stat was sometimes incorrect
  • Work around added to fix issue with Safari 11 on iOS where page scrolls when trying to add objects

Released 2018-05-04

Version 3.3

General usage improvements and minor bug fixes.

Feature Updates
  • PdfLiteSession.FileName property added.
  • PdfWebControl Create / Copy / Import now returns the document ID
  • PdfWebControlLite Create / Copy / Import now returns the session
  • Import / export document improvements
  • WasImported property added to DocumentCreatedEventArgs
Bug Fixes
  • Lite Documents could not be used with RenderAtClient without System Service
  • Lite Documents did not always save back to storage properly
  • Saving documents with images did not always work as expected with server API
  • Searches after a failed search sometimes also failed
  • Signatures would not render properly when PDF files were protected by an owner password

Released 2018-03-27

Version 3.2

Lite Document improvements and new code samples.

Feature Updates
  • Client API getObjectSelected() method added
  • Client API object properties updated to include absoluteHeight / absoluteLeft / absoluteTop / absoluteWidth
  • More complete and mobile friendly custom UI code sample added
  • GetPdf() and GetOriginalPdf() methods added to PdfWebControlLite
  • SqlServerPdfLiteSessionProvider and SqlServerPdfLiteStorageProvider code samples added
Bug Fixes
  • Adding image via a key did not work for Lite Documents

Released 2018-02-06

Version 3.1

Lite Documents now support adding images and appending.

Feature Updates
  • Lite Documents support adding images
  • Lite Documents support appending PDF files
  • PdfLiteSessionProvider.GenerateKey() added to allow custom implementations to easily generate a secure key
Bug Fixes
  • Lite Documents could not access DocumentSavedEventArgs.DocumentData when saved

Released 2017-12-12

Version 3.0

Lite Documents introduced, use RAD PDF without SQL Server, and other enhancements.

Feature Updates
  • Default HttpHandler now allows access to session information
  • PdfWebControlLite added, allowing for most RAD PDF functionality to be used without a database like SQL Server
  • PdfIntegrationProvider updated to allow custom a PdfLiteSessionProvider and PdfLiteStorageProvider
  • PdfLiteStorageAdapater added
Bug Fixes
  • Text annotations (sticky notes) could move slightly when zooming

Released 2017-11-28

Version 2.39

Client side rendering and improved large file support.

Feature Updates
  • Client side rendering (instead of server side rendering) option added
  • Default page layout is now single page continuous scroll (SinglePageContinuous)
  • Flate / GZIP compression added for on demand text requests
  • PdfAdvancedSettings.TempDirectory property added, allowing for the use of a temp file when processing a PDF
  • PdfAdvancedSettings.UseTempThreshold property added
  • RAD PDF can now be used without the System Service with reduced functionality (searching & printing still require it)
  • System Service renders files over 100 MB using a temp file by default reducing memory use with large files
  • System Service uses cache outside of SQL Server by default
Bug Fixes
  • Annotations which should not print sometimes printed
  • Internet Explorer did not show some long rendering pages

Released 2017-11-07

Version 2.38

Signature tool improvements, bug fixes, and other enhancements.

Feature Updates
  • Client API can now add / edit PdfSignature shapes
  • GUI can now add / edit PdfSignature shapes (disabled by default)
  • PdfIntegrationProvider.Current property added
  • PdfWcfSettings.ClientReceiveTimeout property added
  • PdfWebControl.ShowSignatureShapeTool property added
Bug Fixes
  • Font resources could be incorrect for PdfFont class when multiple instances in the same application
  • IE6 / IE7 / IE8 did not work with signature shapes having transparent backgrounds

Released 2017-10-03

Version 2.37

New signature tools, RAD PDF integration improvements, and other enhancements.

Feature Updates
  • PdfSignatureShape object type added enabling signable regions of a PDF page
  • PdfWcfSettings.ClientSecurityMode property added so that RAD PDF can be used without network / transport security, if desired
  • Support for different PdfIntegrationProviders in the same application (subdirectories can specify different a "RadPdfIntegrationProvider" via the web.config, but must have unique names)
Bug Fixes
  • Client API PdfObject.setImage() method did not work properly for PdfImageShapes with pre-existing images
  • Client API setCustomData(value) method did not flag that the document has unsaved changes

Released 2017-08-02

Version 2.36.7

Client API improvements and bug fixes.

Feature Updates
  • Client API getCustomData() method added
  • Client API setCustomData() method added
  • Visual Studio 2017 solution added
Bug Fixes
  • Bold font styles on rendered pages appeared sometimes too thin
  • CMYK JPEG 2000 work around added
  • Document.CustomData was not removed from PDF if the value was cleared
  • Some damaged ICC profiles could cause an app crash on saving

Released 2017-06-13

Version 2.36.6

PDF form field rotation improvements and bug files.

Feature Updates
  • DocumentDownloadingEventArgs.UseRFC6266 property added
  • Form fields are now added at the current page rotation, and preserve that rotation after future page rotation
  • PdfFormField.Rotation property added
  • PdfObject.Duplicatable property added
  • RFC 6266 support added for downloading with Unicode file names
Bug Fixes
  • PDF combo / drop down form fields had corrupt option names if PDF was encrypted
  • Rotated form fields in IE8 did not always appear correctly
  • Unicode file names were not correct when downloading with IE

Released 2017-04-04

Version 2.36.5

PDF form handling improvements and bug fixes.

Feature Updates
  • Calculation script improvements
  • PdfMarkupAnnotation.IsOpen property added
  • PdfPopupAnnotation.IsOpen property added
Bug Fixes
  • Annotations with Popups weren't always found correctly in files also with PDF fields
  • PdfCircleAnnotation and PdfSquareAnnotation border / fill could not be set using server API
  • Some PDF bookmark types were corrupted by RAD PDF

Released 2017-03-07

Version 2.36

Microsoft Edge touch improvements and text shape alignment.

Feature Updates
  • Basic PDF form field JavaScript validation for time form fields (AFTime_Format / AFTime_Keystroke) support added
  • Client API getDpi() method added
  • Microsoft Edge touch improvements
  • PdfTextShapes now support center and right text alignment (if object is wrappable)
Bug Fixes
  • Client API "objectMoved" did not always fire

Released 2017-01-24

Version 2.35.6

Bug fixes and security improvements.

Feature Updates
  • Basic PDF form field JavaScript validation for date form fields (AFDate_FormatEx / AFDate_KeystrokeEx) support added
  • XML loading security improvements (document entities are now stripped before processing for improved XEE protection)
Bug Fixes
  • Non-changeable text form fields were not always scrollable
  • Rotated highlight annotations did not have their sides properly rounded
  • TIFF encoded images were sometimes not rendered properly

Released 2016-12-14

Version 2.35.5

Bug fixes and API extensions.

Feature Updates
  • Client API "objectMoved" event added
  • Client API "objectResized" event added
  • Client API "objectStyled" event added
  • Default PdfWebControl.RenderDpi is now 144
  • Minor rendering improvements
  • Multiline form field improvements
Breaking Changes
  • Default PdfWebControl.RenderDpi is now 144
  • PdfFont.Size is now a double
  • PdfFont.AutoSize is now a double
Bug Fixes
  • Android / iOS could not scroll drop downs without selecting an option
  • Client API PdfAnnotation creation and modification dates were incorrect

Released 2016-11-03

Version 2.35

Color management and annotation improvements.

Feature Updates
  • Improved color management when rendering pages
  • Minor document loading performance enhancement
  • Text markup annotations are now added based on the rotation of selected text
  • Unlocked radio form fields now keep their checked states
Bug Fixes
  • Multiple sequential Append() actions failed with certain implementations
  • Some PDF files encrypted with RC4 could not be loaded

Released 2016-08-02

Version 2.34.5

Performance and cache directory improvements.

Feature Updates
  • Cache directory can now also be used for printing, allowing optional configuration without the pges table
  • CollapseViewerSide added to PdfWebControl
  • HTTP roundtrip saved for documents fully rendered on demand (default), speeding up document display by ~100ms
Bug Fixes
  • TrueType font parser fix

Released 2016-04-29

Version 2.34

Text selection improvements and optional rendering cache directory added.

Feature Updates
  • RenderCacheLocation support added (disabled by default) allowing on demand rendered resources to be stored outside of SQL Server. This can reduce SQL Server Maintenance by as much as 50%
  • Text selection position accuracy greatly improved for text using long kerning records
Bug Fixes
  • Chrome printing A4 pages caused a blank page between print output
  • Client API PdfObject.getProperties() threw an exception if object was in text edit mode
  • Client API PdfObject.setProperties() did not properly reset form field highlights in all cases

Released 2016-03-30

Version 2.33

New circle and square annotation tools, easier redirects, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • Create PdfCircleAnnotation objects via API and GUI
  • Create PdfSquareAnnotation objects via API and GUI
  • DocumentSavedEventArgs.ThenExecuteJS property added
  • DocumentSavedEventArgs.ThenRedirectTo property added
  • DocumentSavedEventArgs.ThenReloadDocument property added
  • iOS text input improvements
  • Object properties toolbar updated to use new icons
  • PdfPopupAnnotations are now rendered using a clean, lighter color
Bug Fixes
  • New form fields with periods in their names were added incorrectly
  • Pre-existing markup annotations are now orientated properly if their quadpoints indicate a non-zero rotation

Released 2016-02-25

Version 2.32.5

This service release includes minor bug fixes and enhancements

Feature Updates
  • AFSimple_Calculate() improved to prevent float rounding errors
  • Create / Unlock form fields with Unicode (non-ASCII) names
  • Paragraph text form field creation option added to GUI
  • Support for existing PdfComboFields and PdfListFields with Unicode values added
Bug Fixes
  • Copied words in text selected contained an extra space
  • Default Android browser could not interact with some RAD PDF buttons
  • DoNotScroll did not work properly in IE11 because of an MS bug, work around added
  • New annotations were not printable in some cases
  • New link annotations were invisible in some cases
  • PdfAnnotation.Locked was not always correctly read
  • Some fonts were incorrectly replaced when rendering

Released 2016-01-19

Version 2.32

Render document text on demand, AES 256 support, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • AES 256 rev 6 (Adobe Acrobat X) encrypted documents can now be loaded
  • Chrome 46 CSS bug work around added (caused highlight annotation appearance issues)
  • New sample application using Kendo UI added
  • PdfIntegrationProvider.OnDocumentCreated() added
  • PdfWebControl.RenderTextOnDemand property added
Bug Fixes
  • IE Metro did not print PDF documents correctly
  • PdfDocumentSettings.DisableSearchText caused an error when saving in some cases

Released 2015-11-10

Version 2.31

Render thumbnails on demand, keyboard shortcuts, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • Additional object properties can now be set from GUI dialog
  • Keyboard shortcut support added (find, print, save, bold, italic, and underline)
  • PdfWebControl.CopyDocument() now allows changes to documentSetings if more permissive
  • Popup annotation interaction improvements
  • RenderThumbnailsOnDemand added to PdfWebControl (enabled by default)
Bug Fixes
  • Client API "objectAdded" event argument textSelected value was incorrectly preceeded by "undefined" in some browsers
  • In rare cases, radio buttons were not set in PDF and printer output
  • In some cases when using Chrome, pasting multiple lines of text resulted in extra blank lines
  • Not all reserved XML characters were properly escaped when parsing GUI entered rich text to a Popup annotation in some browsers

Released 2015-10-06

Version 2.30

Enhanced annotation support, rich popup styling, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • PdfCaretAnnotation class added
  • PdfStrikeoutAnnotation class added
  • PdfUnderlineAnnotation class added
  • Popup annotations (PdfPopupAnnotations) now support basic rich styling (bold, italic, underline)
  • Popup annotations can now be shown for PdfCaretAnnotations / PdfHighlightAnnotations / PdfStrikeoutAnnotations / PdfUnderlineAnnotations
  • QuadPoints creation now set when the user addes PdfHighlightAnnotations / PdfStrikeoutAnnotations / PdfUnderlineAnnotations and there is selectable text
  • Single click created PdfTextShapes bounding box improved
Bug Fixes
  • Reset PdfButtonFields did not always have their actions properly added to PDF output

Released 2015-08-31

Version 2.29

Import and export RAD PDF documents, create PDF form field buttons, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • 64-bit version of RAD PDF Service Helper (RadPdfServiceHelper64.exe) added (contact Red Software for more information)
  • Downloading in iOS now shows a button which can be clicked so that the PDF can be opened in a new window and more easily saved to iBooks
  • ExportDocument() method added to DocumentSavingEventArgs
  • ExportDocument() method added to PdfStorageAdapter
  • ImportDocument() method added to PdfWebControl
  • Optional complete 64-bit operation
  • PdfButtonField objects which reset or submit the form can now be added using the GUI
  • Popup annotations can now be positioned off page and "stick" to edges
Bug Fixes
  • IE10 does not properly display options containing only whitespace; workaround for this IE10 specific bug added
  • IE10 and IE11 on Windows 8 had drop down scrollbars which would close when trying to be scroll using the mouse because of a Microsoft event behavior change

Released 2015-07-22

Version 2.28

Object duplication tool, PDF form field submit button support, and other enhancements

Feature Updates
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties "isReset" and "isSubmit" added
  • Duplicate menu option added for object property drop downs
  • Error logging improvements
  • Form field button reset action support added
  • Form field button submit action support added
  • IsReset and IsSubmit buttons added to PdfButtonField class
  • Required form field improvements
Bug Fixes
  • A JavaScript exception could be thrown if a Client API selection changed to an object other than that clicked in "objectClicked" event's handler
  • Damaged output created if specific content stream were conditions
  • Images were not always added properly if user saved while image tool was active without an image on the page

Released 2015-06-16

Version 2.27.5

This service release includes minor bug fixes and enhancements

Feature Updates
  • DisablePdfJavaScript property added to PdfWebControl
  • DocumentKey security improved for case insensitive collations
  • PdfFontResource.MatchingNames property added
  • PdfFontResourceCollection.Default field added
  • PdfFontResourceCollection.Find(string) method added
  • Text extracting improved
Bug Fixes
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties "left" and "top" did not take an altered cropbox into consideration
  • Client API PdfPage.getWidth() and PdfPage.getHeight() did not take an altered cropbox into consideration
  • CloneTo() did not properly clone pre-existing child PopupAnnotations
  • PdfObject.Left and PdfObject.Top did not take an altered cropbox into consideration
  • PdfPage.Width and PdfPage.Height did not take an altered cropbox into consideration

Released 2015-05-08

Version 2.27

Unicode form field support, optional CMap utilization, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • AdvancedSettings property added to PdfIntegrationProvider
  • Hashing performance improvements
  • New PdfAdvancedSettings class with CMapDirectory and CMapDirectoryExists properties
  • Right click on Mac can now be triggered using the CTRL key
  • Unicode form field value and appearance stream support (CJK)
Bug Fixes
  • Download button in IE6 - IE8 appeared slightly off center

Released 2015-02-24

Version 2.26

Drag and drop file upload, large file optimizations, and other minor improvements

Feature Updates
  • ClientSecurityTransportProtectionLevel and MessageDataSizeThreshold properties added to PdfWcfSettings
  • Document Key security improved (entropy increased)
  • Drag and drop upload support for appending and image adding
  • Large file handling has been improved, allowing for reduced memory overhead when calling CreateDocument()
  • Upload progress for appending and image adding (when supported by browser)
Bug Fixes
  • Appending a PDF which was previously created (but never rendered because RenderOnDemand was set to true) to an open document (which has AllowFindMatchingPdf=true and RenderOnDemand=true) threw a RadPdfDatabaseException
  • Calculated form fields were not updated in rare circumstances
  • If temp directory was deleted while RAD PDF Service was running, an error could occur (folder is now automatically recreated)
  • The initial font size for rotated auto size form fields was sometimes incorrect

Released 2014-12-17

Version 2.25.5

This service release includes minor bug fixes and enhancements

Feature Updates
  • Appearance streams now re-rendered for form fields when printing and NeedAppearances is true
Bug Fixes
  • Additional rendering fixes
  • AFMakeNumber did not properly handle nulls
  • Null input to Client API could cause errors to occur in older versions of Internet Explorer
  • PdfFields using calculation scripts which concatenate strings in some cases incorrectly contained "NaN"
  • PdfFields using cascading calculation scripts could cause a JavaScript exception
  • The text color of PdfTextFields could be wrong if two with the same name used different fonts

Released 2014-10-28

Version 2.25

Printer settings dialogs improvements, CMap support, and rendering improvements

Feature Updates
  • Additional font metrics for PDF form fields are used to improve text display in preexisting (IsLocked = true) multi lined PdfTextFields.
  • CMap support added for page rendering
  • Print settings dialog now supports setting the page from / to for printing
  • Print settings dialog now only shows margin settings for browsers which require it
Bug Fixes
  • Custom RAD PDF System Service ports were not properly used when set via the Admin Tool
  • ExternalStyle's value should be escaped so that the URL is properly inserted if it contains illegal characters for an XHTML attribute
  • New link annotations linking to a page when not in highlight mode did not function properly when clicked (attempted to load an empty URL instead)
  • On Android, PdfCheckFields were receiving two clicks on touch and hence not usable
  • Saving a PDF while a form field is active which has other fields of the same name on previous pages would not be properly updated during the save
  • Various minor rendering corrections

Released 2014-09-09

Version 2.24

Remove existing link annotations, web font support, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • Client API destinationPage added to PdfObjectProperties class
  • Client API destinationType added to PdfObjectProperties class
  • Client API destinationUrl added to PdfObjectProperties class
  • OnDocumentInit() method added to PdfIntegrationProvider
  • DocumentInitEventArgs class added
  • ExternalStyle property added to DocumentInitEventArgs class to facilitate the use of web fonts (e.g. WOFF, TTF, OTF, SVG, EOT)
  • EnableRestoreAllPages property added to PdfWebControl (default false)
  • For use in custom JavaScript calculation scripts, the valueAsString property added to the object returned by getField()
  • IsLocked property added to PdfObject class
  • Pre existing link annotations can now be deleted (via right click)
  • Pre existing link annotations now are accessible using the Client API and Server API
  • When highlights are turned off, new PdfLinkAnnotations are now active (a click sends the user to the destination) and unmovable
Bug Fixes
  • Deleting a preexisting form field (PdfField with IsLocked = true) via the GUI or Client API resulted in the field being unlocked instead of deleted
  • In custom JavaScript calculation scripts, the value property of the object returned by getField() was not automatically made a Numeric
  • Radio field values were not properly provided to custom JavaScript calculation scripts

Released 2014-07-24

Version 2.23

PDF form field updates, visual enhancements for next generation browser features, and other improvements

Feature Updates
  • Add / unlock PDF form fields with periods in their fully qualified name
  • CustomData property added to PdfDocument class
  • Form Field JavaScript improvements for some custom scripts
  • PdfHighlightAnnotations now use a multiply blend mode in browsers where available (instead of simply adjusting opacity)
  • RenderOnDemand performance improvements for newly rendered pages
Bug Fixes
  • Client API value for combo and list form fields should be based on the export value
  • PdfTextFields with the Comb flag set did not properly display a border between characters
  • Printing unchanged documents containing signed, valid PdfSignatureFields appeared invalid or missing in printer output

Released 2014-06-17

Version 2.22

Pages can now be rendered as needed, thumbnail image grouping support, and logging improvements

Feature Updates
  • EnableLogging property added to PdfHttpSettings
  • GroupThumbnails property added to PdfWebControl, reducing the number of image requests
  • LogDocumentKeyNotFoundException property added to PdfHttpSettings
  • RenderOnDemand property added to PdfWebControl, allowing pages to be rendered as needed by the user
  • RAD PDF Maintenance statistics logging improved
Bug Fixes
  • A license error was incorrectly displayed despite a valid license key when in Visual Studio's Design Mode
  • In rare cases, RAD PDF's server side code could reject an append operation because of rendering status, even though the PDF is fully rendered

Released 2014-05-30

Version 2.21

Scroll documents using a new hand tool, maintenance performance improvements, and various bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Customize the error message shown when appending a document with page dimensions which exceed MaxPdfPageWidth / MaxPdfPageHeight
  • Hand Scroll tool added to PdfWebControl
  • HideHandScroll property added to PdfWebControl
  • RAD PDF Maintenance logging improved
  • RAD PDF Maintenance performance improved for removing old print records
  • RAD PDF Maintenance performance improved for removing unused PDF records
Bug Fixes
  • In rare cases, the JPEG 2000 decoder caused a black image to appear instead of the image
  • The wrong value was sometimes displayed for PdfComboFields when printed or flattened if the field options contained values and export values
  • Thumbnails very near the bottom of the thumbnails pane not to properly auto load
  • Touching a PdfTextShape or PdfTextField object twice in a row using iOS caused keyboard input to be ignored and no text could be entered
  • When opening certain PDF files, a null-terminator in an array or dictionary was incorrectly treated as error

Released 2014-04-03

Version 2.20

Document searching via the server API as well as improvements for Internet Explorer 11 and SQL Server

Feature Updates
  • CommandTimeout property added to SqlServerPdfStorageProvider, allowing a timeout to be set for each SqlCommand internally used by RAD PDF
  • DocumentKeyMaxAge property of PdfWebControl updated so that for non-positive values, RAD PDF doesn't bother creating a DocumentKey
  • MaxPdfPageWidth property added to PdfWebControl
  • MaxPdfPageHeight property added to PdfWebControl
  • Search() method added to PdfDocumentEditor class. Searches can now be done using the server API
Bug Fixes
  • After tabbing, a bug in Internet Explorer 11 crippled user input to PdfTextField objects, a work around has been implemented
  • Client API assigned highlight color (highlightColor) was not preserved when a PdfField object was unlocked
  • CMYK images were rendered inverted if stored with JPEG compression
  • LZW scanline decoder caused an exception on some platforms if a scanline ended exactly at a NO_LZW_CODE tag
  • PDF files containing more than one optional content configuration dictionary caused an exception on some platforms

Released 2014-02-20

Version 2.19

Improved PDF rendering, support for SQL Server ISO data types, and numerous API improvements

Feature Updates
  • Client API "creationDate" property added to PdfObjectProperties class
  • Client API hasImage() method added to PdfObject class
  • Client API setImage() method added to PdfObject class
  • CreationDate property added to PdfMarkupAnnotation class
  • DownloadPageFrom and DownloadPageTo properties added to DocumentDownloadingEventArgs so that a subset of pages in a document can be downloaded using the PdfIntegrationProvider
  • FindAll() method added to PdfFieldCollection class
  • PdfWebControl optimized so that if no changes have been made, the document is simply downloaded without unnecessarily saving
  • PdfWebControl's HideRightClickMenu property updated so that if true, the browser's default context menu will be shown instead of simply nothing
  • RAD PDF renderer updated for improved page clarity (with failback to old renderer)
  • RAD PDF added support for SQL Server data types [nvarchar](max) and [varbinary](max) so that they can be used instead of the now deprecated [ntext] and [image]
  • Server side XML parsing enhancements
Breaking Changes
  • FlattenDownload() method of DocumentDownloadingEventArgs has been changed to a boolean property
Bug Fixes
  • Bookmarks added to pages after one which had been deleted did not link to the proper page
  • Bookmarks added to pages which had been moved did not link to the proper pages
  • Client API documentation corrections for append() and saveAndWait() methods
  • Client API "downloading" event was not raised if document was read-only
  • Client API incorrectly fired the "saving" event when printing
  • Client API setProperties() method did not allow the "customData" property to be set for PdfButtonField, PdfSignatureField, and pre-existing PdfLinkAnnotation objects
  • PdfInkShape objects (or paths) with a single point filled the entire object instead of simply occupying a single point when resized

Released 2014-01-14

Version 2.18

Deskew PDF pages, API optimizations, and various bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Client API PdfPage class updated to include deskewPage() method
  • Client API .setProperties() method optimized (use of page caching speeds up successive object edits)
  • CloneTo() method added to PdfObject to facilitate copying a object from one page to another
  • Deskew / straighten a pages in a PDF document using the GUI
  • DeskewAngle property added to PdfPage
  • DeskewPage() method added to PdfPage
  • GetPoints() method added to PdfInkShape
  • SetPoints() method added to PdfInkShape
Breaking Changes
  • PdfBorder class is now a struct
  • PdfColor class is now a struct
Bug Fixes
  • Author, Content, and Subject were not properly saved to PDF for PdfCircleAnnotation, PdfHighlightAnnotation, and PdfSquareAnnotation objects
  • Client API .addObject() method did not properly add objects using the page's zoom (radViewZoom was used instead of oRefreshedZoom)
  • Client API .setView() method would not properly apply scroll if also viewing a new page
  • Highlighted comb text fields didn't always appear properly if text color was not black
  • If the crop box for a PDF page was larger as the media box (which shouldn't happen in a valid PDF), a corrupt page format was output in some cases
  • Last page of document being appended to was unnecessarily re-rendered in some cases
  • Page "Crop" tool did not properly show its state in the PdfWebControl toolbar
  • PdfRectangleShape did not properly inherit from PdfPolygonShape
  • RAD PDF Admin Tool didn't always properly display time values
  • Some PDF files using a soft mask with a transfer function did not render correctly

Released 2013-10-15

Version 2.17

Create semi-transparent objects, Client API improvements, and various bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Additional resource strings added to PdfWebControlResources
  • AFNumber_Format() implementation now better emulates Adobe Acrobat
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties class updated to include comb property
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties class updated to include doNotScroll property
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties class updated to include edit property
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties class updated to include maxLength property
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties class updated to include multiline property
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties class updated to include multiSelect property
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties class updated to include opacity property
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties class updated to include readOnly property
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties class updated to include required property
  • Client API PdfObjectProperties class updated to include sort property
  • Client API PdfWebControlApi class updated to include getField() method
  • Line and arrow tools now display a line while being dragged out
  • Object properties dialog updated to support setting opacity in PdfWebControl GUI
  • Opacity property added to PdfShape class
  • PNG transparency support added for Internet Explorer 6
Bug Fixes
  • Objects added via Client API when page is out of view, but previously loaded, did not appear properly
  • Resizable property did not have an effect for PdfTextShape objects (when false)
  • Rotated objects in Internet Explorer 8 were not always displayed properly
  • Thumbnails had a faint black border appear on the top and left

Released 2013-08-14

Version 2.16

Add and edit PDF bookmarks, tab from page to page, API improvements, and various bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Add / delete / move / nest bookmarks using the PdfWebControl GUI
  • Client API getDocumentInfo() method added
  • Client API getDocumentSecurity() method added
  • Client API setDocumentInfo() method added
  • Client API setDocumentSecurity() method added
  • Client API PdfDocumentInfo class added
  • Client API PdfDocumentSecurity class added
  • Support for PDF JavaScript function AFSpecial_Keystroke added
  • TabToNextPage property added to PdfWebControl
Bug Fixes
  • Chrome, when zoomed using browser zoom, could prevent entry into some form field types
  • Internet Explorer 10 in an older browser mode, but current document mode prevented some object types from rendering properly
  • When clicking a movable PdfComboField, the object improperly could still be moved after mouse up

Released 2013-06-04

Version 2.15

Appending tools improved, control document security using server API, printing improvements, and various bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Appending now only prompts for save if needed
  • CheckIsRendered() method added to PdfDocumentEditor
  • DeleteDocumentKeys() method added to PdfStorageAdapter
  • DocumentSecurity property added to PdfDocument class
  • DisableMoreButton property added to PdfWebControl
  • PdfDocumentSecurity class added
  • PdfDocumentEditor.Append() method enhanced to support the use of pre-rendered resources
  • PdfDocumentEditor.Append() method can now add blank pages
  • PdfDocumentEditor.Append() method can now append a PdfDocument (via document ID)
  • Printing improvement for browsers which support the CSS @page rules for margins
Breaking Changes
  • Data property of DocumentAppendingEventArgs renamed DataToAppend
Bug Fixes
  • Client API .cropPage() method threw an exception
  • CopyDocument() method did not work properly if changes were not being committed
  • Form field highlight disappeared in rare cases for same name form fields on different pages
  • Internet Explorer 10 (only when Browser Mode: IE8; Document Mode: IE10 Standards) documents containing certain object types cases threw a JavaScript exception
  • RAD PDF printing margin type selected in print dialog was ignored
  • Service "RenderingPrepTimeout" and "RenderingTextTimeout" settings were ignored

Released 2013-04-30

Version 2.14

Rotate text, customize form field highlights, touch-device improvements, and various bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Client API append() method added
  • HighlightColor property added to PdfField class allowing for a custom highlight color to be set
  • Internet Explorer 10 can now use touch to add new objects
  • PdfTextShape objects now rotate with the page (instead of being un-rotated relative to the page's current rotation and position / text layout changing with rotations after adding the object)
  • Significant improvements for InkShape (Pen) tool's reactiveness / speed of redraw (and hence smoothness), especially for touch devices
  • XML parsing improvement
Breaking Changes
  • PdfObjectDataContext renamed PdfDataContext
  • PdfObjectDataContext renamed PdfDataContext
  • PdfObjectDataRequest renamed PdfDataRequest
  • PdfObjectDataRequest.ObjectDataKey renamed PdfDataRequest.DataKey
  • PdfObjectDataResponse renamed PdfDataResponse
  • PdfObjectDataResponseStatus renamed PdfDataResponseStatus
Bug Fixes
  • Client API's "rendered" event was fired prematurely
  • Devices with both mouse and touch input could lose the ability to use some features via mouse after touch use
  • In some cases, RAD PDF did not properly add PdfInkShape objects to when drawn using the Microsoft Surface's mouse because of IE10's use of fractional pixels
  • Multi-lined and Wrappable PdfTextShape objects, which are not in "edit mode", weren't resized when font changed (resize handles aren't moved, etc.)
  • Multi-lined and auto sized PdfTextField objects didn't always display text vertical position correctly
  • Non-wrapping PdfTextShape objects would move if the page was rotated one direction and then the other
  • Object data for deleted images was not always deleted on save
  • Page number location on thumbnails was incorrect for rotated pages
  • PdfTextField objects using a format requiring a comma as the integral separator was not supported
  • PdfTextShape objects with underline didn't show underline in PdfWebControl
  • PdfWebControl key presses (e.g. DEL key) didn't hide object drop down menus
  • Text was not properly extracted from PDF files if FirstChar or LastChar of an imported Type3 font was to a larger value than 255
  • TIFF files with a larger vertical resolution than horizontal resolution were not always correctly converted to PDF

Released 2013-03-28

Version 2.13

Optionally truncate long PDF documents, touch-device improvements, and various bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Improvements for use of PdfWebControl with non-iOS touch devices
  • License property added to PdfIntegrationProvider to allow applying license via server side code
  • ThrowMaxPagesException property added to PdfWebControl (if false, open the first x pages, set by MaxPdfPages, truncating the file without error)
Bug Fixes
  • Google Chrome on Android 4 could not scroll a document in PdfWebControl
  • IE7 / IE9 in compatibility mode did not close printing dialog after sent to printer via .print() call
  • IE9 in compatibility mode threw an exception when printing
  • IE9 threw a JavaScript exception when selecting some text form fields
  • iOS users could not use all drop down menus in PdfWebControl

Released 2013-01-29

Version 2.12

Crop PDF pages, improved XFA options, and various bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Crop PDF pages using the new crop tool
  • Crop PDF pages using the Client API & Server API
  • ConvertXfaForm property added to PdfWebControl
  • ThrowXfaFormException property added to PdfWebControl
Bug Fixes
  • Damaged PDF files encrypted and with a bad ID could not be loaded without the owner password
  • Files with large numbers of bookmarks did not perform well

Released 2012-12-05

Version 2.11

Windows Server 2012 compatibility, Internet Explorer 10 support, and various bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • Windows Server 2012 compatibility
  • Internet Explorer 10 support
  • PDF form field keystroke event support for some field types added
  • Pre-existing Highlight Annotations can now be deleted
Bug Fixes
  • Damaged PDF files could cause an infinite loop in very rare cases
  • In IE 8 and lower, right aligned text form fields didn't always function properly
  • Pages with crop / media boxes which had negative width / height didn't display properly
  • Pre-existing Text Annotations weren't always removed if deleted by the user
  • Text annotation subject / contents changes made with the Client API didn't appear until page was refreshed

Released 2012-10-24

Version 2.10

PDF form field improvements and various bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • PDF form field basic special format support added
  • PDF form field DoNotScroll support improvements
  • PDF form field orientation support for pre-existing form fields added (in most browsers)
  • Client API events "objectSelected", "objectClick", etc. events now fire for button and signature fields
  • RemoveOldDocuments method in PdfStorageAdapter updated to allow removal old documents using modification date (instead creation)
Bug Fixes
  • PDF files using some types of clipping paths would hide shape additions in some regions of the page
  • Objects couldn't be added to pages not yet rendered via Client API
  • If no object was selected, using the Client API to set an object's font via setProperties caused a JavaScript error
  • PdfTextShape objects which were not wrapping (single click added) would sometimes temporarily disappear on page zoom change / rotate
  • Maintenance tasks requiring more than 2100 parameters would throw an exception
  • Some PDF form fields would not flatten correctly

Released 2012-09-06

Version 2.9

Server side integration improvements and various bug fixes

Feature Updates
  • BackColor property support added to PdfWebControl
  • ClientCloseTimeout, ClientOpenTimeout, and ClientSendTimeout public properties added to the PdfWcfSettings class
  • DownloadData property added to DocumentDownloadingEventArgs
  • FlattenDownload method added to DocumentDownloadingEventArgs
  • Maintenance methods added to PdfStorageAdapter
  • MaxResolution property added to PdfImageShape so that default behavior for large images can be overridden
  • Multi-line form field tool tip support added (where browser supported, including Internet Explorer & newer Firefox versions)
  • PdfStorageProvider added to PdfIntegrationProvider so that storage connection string can be set without web.config
Bug Fixes
  • Auto sized form fields wouldn't always display correctly in Internet Explorer after page rotation / zoom change
  • If a page was scrolled into and then out of view, objects on page weren't always shown correctly
  • Object location visually lagged when in Continuous Page Layout mode after page rotation / zoom change
  • RAD PDF functioned improperly in Firefox 2

Released 2012-08-08

Version 2.8

Continuous page view support and user interaction improvements for touch devices

Feature Updates
  • Single page continuous page layout support added
  • ViewerPageLayoutDefault property added to PdfWebControl
  • Objects are easier to create, select, move, and edit using touch-based devices
Bug Fixes
  • File link annotations pointing to invalid pages caused an uncaught JavaScript exception

Released 2012-06-12

Version 2.7

Append files to a PDF, draw using a pen tool, and load BMP, JPEG, and PNG images

Feature Updates
  • Append PDF documents to the currently open document using the RAD PDF user interface or API
  • Freehand draw on a PDF document using the new ink tool
  • Automatically convert to PDF and open BMP, JPEG, and PNG images with RAD PDF
Bug Fixes
  • New / unlocked PDF combo / list PDF form fields with export values for choices did not properly get added to output PDF files
  • Unlocked form fields with negative height or width were not re-added to PDF on save

Released 2012-04-09

Version 2.6

Open TIFF files in RAD PDF, enhanced form calculation support, and Client API improvements

Feature Updates
  • Load single and multi-page TIFF files directly into RAD PDF
  • Calculation support for form fields using "Simplified field notation" added
  • DoNotScroll flag used for read-only form fields so that additional content can be shown
  • DoNotScroll property added to PdfTextField
  • HideHighlight property added to PdfObject (and Client API)
  • Tooltip property added to PdfField
  • objectChange event added to Client API
  • getFields(n) method added to Client API
  • getObject(ix) and getObjectCount() methods added to PdfPage in Client API
  • isDeleted() method added to PdfObject in Client API
  • exportValue property added to PdfObjectProperties in Client API
  • getOption and getOptionCount methods added to PdfObject in Client API
Bug Fixes
  • Popup Annotations did not properly display subject in viewer
  • Client API did not properly set "visible" property
  • Setting null value to ImageData property of PdfImageShape would late raise an exception
  • Some files would not render properly

Released 2012-02-15

Version 2.5

Customize font choices, set additional text metrics, and Client API improvements

Feature Updates
  • FontResources property added to PdfIntegrationProvider allowing custom fonts to be specified
  • Set character spacing and line spacing for PdfTextShape objects
  • onTextSelected event added to Client API
  • select method add to Client API's PdfObject class
  • PdfFontName and PdfFontType removed and internal Name search added
  • PdfWebControl viewer properties now loaded at initialization of viewer in browser
  • EnabledCaching property added to PdfHttpSettings class
Bug Fixes
  • Some PdfWebControl viewer properties did not take effect properly if control was used on a master page
  • On very slow connections, the PdfWebControl ViewState could be ignored in rare cases
  • Wrong resource string for image upload dialog was used for "Upload" button
  • New auto sized PDF form fields always used Arial as the font because of an internal font setting failure

Released 2012-01-05

Version 2.4

RAD PDF interface localization, ViewState improvements, and a streamlined printing experience

Feature Updates
  • WebControlResources property added to PdfIntegrationProvider to allow for string resources to be specified for use in RAD PDF viewer
  • PdfWebControl ViewState now automatically remembers page, zoom, scroll position, etc. on PostBack
  • Printing interface streamlined (clicking "Close" is not required after printing completes)
  • scrollX and scrollY properties added to PdfView object in Client API (viewChanged event fires on scroll change)
  • side property added to PdfView object in Client API (viewChanged event fires on side panel change)
  • CultureName property added to PdfWebControl
  • ViewerHighlightsDefault property added to PdfWebControl
  • SaveDocumentChanges property added to DocumentSavingEventArgs
Bug Fixes
  • Some damaged PDF files with inline arrays, a damaged page object, a damaged header, or a damaged font couldn't be opened
  • Client API validateForm method did not check if required form fields are completed when EnforceRequired PdfDocumentSetting was not set
  • Changes to DocumentSavingEventArgs.Document were not always properly saved to storage
  • A selected text object moved unexpectedly in some slow browsers with small window sizes

Released 2011-12-13

Version 2.3

Export PDF form data as FDF or XFDF, navigate directly to named destinations, and an improved Client API

Feature Updates
  • Named Destination support; ViewerNamedDestinationDefault property added to PdfWebControl
  • ExportData function added to PdfFieldCollection to allow the exporting of PDF form field data as FDF and XFDF
  • Object properties (border, color, fillColor, lineColor, and lineWidth) added to Client API
Bug Fixes
  • Some PDF files (often those containing a PDF portfolio, invalid annotation, or XFA form) could cause an error on load
  • Some rare PDF forms could not be saved properly (form field values contained invalid characters)
  • Some very rare PDF files selected and searched some text twice (offset)
  • New untitled form fields were not always properly named

Released 2011-11-15

Version 2.2

Open more malformed PDF files, complete PDF forms quicker using the keyboard, and other minor updates

Feature Updates
  • Support for corrupt or malformed PDF files needing repair significantly improved
  • Tab support added for check, combo, list, and radio form fields
  • PNG image alpha / transparency support
  • ExportValue option added to PdfOption
  • Old PdfDocumentInfo class renamed PdfDocumentProperties
  • PdfDocumentInfo class added to access a PDF's Document Information dictionary
  • NeedAppearances property added to PdfFieldCollection class
  • HideFocusOutline property added to PdfObject class
  • HideFocusOutline property added to PdfWebControl class
  • SetDocumentFileName method added to PdfStorageAdapter
  • addObject method added to Client API
  • getHasUnsavedChanges method added to Client API
Bug Fixes
  • Documents which add 2 or more fields with the same name would not have read-only or required attributes set
  • AcroForm /Q 1 globally specified field alignment was ignored
  • Some interactive annotations rendered to background image incorrectly
  • Checkbox form fields using a circle as the checkmark did not render correctly
  • Some check mark types (check, cross, star, diamond) for pre-existing check form fields appeared incorrectly in IE6 and IE7
  • Client API could not properly access PdfObject's CustomData property
  • Check shapes could incorrectly be transparent
  • Color property of PdfCheckShape had no effect
  • Toolbox Bitmap for PdfWebControl incorrectly displayed in Visual Studio (didn't work after obfuscated with v6.1)
  • Form field tabbing would not work properly in some browsers if specific toolbars were hidden (caused by a loss of DOM focus)
  • Delete and Unlock buttons not properly shown on toolbar for all object types in PdfWebControl interface

Released 2011-10-13

Version 2.1

Create new blank PDF documents, more tightly control printing, and other minor updates

Feature Updates
  • Create new blank PDF documents using RAD PDF (via new CreateDocument overloads)
  • Dynamically set the DPI for rendering documents when printing (via PrintDpi property of DocumentPrintingEventArgs)
  • Dynamically set the page printing range (via PrintPageFrom and PrintPageTo properties of DocumentPrintingEventArgs)
Bug Fixes
  • Client API getProperties method did not always return a valid object
  • Client prompted twice for PDF password even if it was previously entered properly

Released 2011-08-15

Version 2.0

More powerful APIs, tighter integration, and more customizable PDF workflows

Feature Updates
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or .NET Framework 4.0 required
  • New PdfIntegrationProvider class for tighter ASP.NET Web application integration with RAD PDF events and customization
  • Client API overhaul including:
    • setMode method added (set the current user tool / interaction mode)
    • objectAdded, objectClick, objectSelected, and objectUnselected events added
    • viewChanged event replaces pageChanged event for additional view change notification
    • downloading event replaces download to conform with new component model
    • printing event replaces print to conform with new component model
    • saved event replaces saveComplete to conform with new component model
    • saving event replaces save to conform with new component model
    • getView and setView methods replace individual methods for retrieving and changing aspects of the current view
    • getProperties and setProperties methods added for use with new JavaScript PdfObject class for browser side object manipulation
    • validateForm method added to check that all required form fields are completed and form meets other validation requirements
  • PdfStorageAdapter class replaces 1.x PdfWebData class (allowing easy access to RAD PDF stored information internal or external of a web application)
  • RenderControl and RenderHead methods added to PdfWebControl for ease of use with inline ASPX writes, HttpHandlers, or MVC applications
  • Maintenance routinue greatly improved (significantly reduced overhead for large RAD PDF databases)
  • Maintenance routinue can now be executed via command line (RadPdfService.exe -maint)
  • CustomData property added to PdfObject class (to associate custom data with a specific object)
  • Visible property added to PdfObject class
  • DisableLinks property added to PdfWebControl
  • HideObjectPropertiesBar property added to PdfWebControl
  • Author property added to PdfMarkupAnnotation class
Bug Fixes
  • RAD PDF maintenance could orphan object data in timeout scenarios

Released 2011-06-06

Version 1.10

Add highlight annotations to PDF files, large file optimizations, and significant performance improvements

Feature Updates
  • Highlight annotations can be added to PDF documents in RAD PDF interface
  • Improved RAD PDF System Service process isolation for increased stability
  • Significant JavaScript improvements for large PDF documents being viewed
  • Rendering speed on 64-bit servers significantly improved
  • DisableLinkWarning property added to PdfWebControl
  • HideBottomBar property added to PdfWebControl
  • HideToggleHighlightsButton property added to PdfWebControl
  • Combo / list form field "Sort" flag changeable and supported
  • Set "Check Type" on check / radio form fields
  • Client API pageChanged event added
  • Animated GIF images now rejected on upload
  • Client API save method now replicates RAD PDF save button
  • Client API saveAndWait method added
Bug Fixes
  • ViewerZoomDefault would not properly apply ZoomFitWidth, ZoomFitHeight, or ZoomFitAll
  • In some browsers, SaveComplete callback would fail if page had been soft refreshed
  • Incorrect error message shown on aborted web request loading an instance of RAD PDF
  • Some very rarely encountered PDF files could crash RAD PDF System Service
  • Sticky note popup locations where not always set properly
  • Some temp files were not properly cleaned up
  • Text selection highlights in some browsers were incorrect when selecting small text
  • Text search could error in rare cases (e.g. words ending in \\")
  • Page thumbnails did not display properly if page modifications were made while thumbnail pane was not visible
  • Insert tab was not properly hidden if DisableInsertTools was set
  • Underlined text was not properly displayed in Internet Explorer
  • Right click drop down menu could be positioned poorly for objects near bottom
  • Client API getPageCurrent and setPageCurrent incorrectly implemented

Released 2011-04-13

Version 1.9

Add images to PDF files, customize resolution, and future browser support improvements

Feature Updates
  • Images can be added to PDF documents in RAD PDF interface
  • New PdfImageShape class for PdfDocument editor for server side image additions
  • New RAD PDF database table required (objs)
  • Proportional object resizing support (hold SHIFT key)
  • Custom page rendering resolution (RenderDpi property added to PdfWebControl)
  • Printing dialogs optimized
  • Set form field alignment in client interface
Bug Fixes
  • Internet Explorer 9 BETA bug when viewing link object properties
  • Pages and thumbnails could be "dragged" to desktop in Firefox
  • Some object borders were not zoomed
  • DocumentPasswordPending property incorrectly raised exception in some cases
  • Fit to width / height / page did not always zoom properly for rotated pages
  • Newly added read-only form fields were not highlighted
  • Form field alignment was not respected while typing
  • When adding PDF form fields of the same name, values were not always updated on screen
  • When unlocking PDF form fields, invalid field names could be set
  • Max length attribute on multiline text form fields was ignored

Released 2011-02-01

Version 1.8

Built in client-side password prompting, PDF encryption, and Internet Explorer 9 BETA support

Feature Updates
  • Client-side users can optionally be prompted for PDF password if needed
  • Client-side users can set document security settings & optionally password protect PDF documents
  • Tab order from PDF document is now optionally used
  • Internet Explorer 9 BETA support
  • Changes to RAD PDF database docs and pdfs tables required
  • PDF files which contained invalid objects in the xref table could not be loaded; invalid objects are now ignored
Bug Fixes
  • Bookmarks or link annotations pointing to deleted pages incorrectly loaded the pages anyways
  • Searching for the same term again if not found did not provide any feedback
  • Pre-existing markup annotations which had their open state changed were not properly set in output PDF
  • Combo form fields did not properly show no value if no value selected
  • Encrypted PDF files now properly reference previously opened documents when AllowFindMatchingPdf is true
  • PDF form field widgets with the Invisible flag set did not properly display in PdfWebControl
  • RAD PDF raised error if Windows Event Log was full
  • Some PDF drop down form fields truncated all but first letter of UTF-16 encoded combo / list options
  • Font stroke issue with Arial Unicode MS Bold fixed
  • Loading documents with drop down form field options and export values which were an empty string (which is not allowed by Acrobat) raised an error

Released 2010-09-23

Version 1.7

Support for ASP.NET 4.0, PDF file searching, and on-demand PDF thumbnail loading.

Feature Updates
  • ASP.NET 4.0 support
  • Search PDF files for text
  • Load PDF thumbnails on demand (as they come into view)
  • Fit / zoom / rectangle information for page & bookmark links used for navigation
  • PNG image format support (greatly increases rendering clarity on text documents)
  • Safari 5 & Chrome 5 support
  • Text on rotated pages can now be selected
Bug Fixes
  • Some object properties could not be set in PdfWebControl client interface
  • Form field fonts were not properly set to bold / italic when loading PDF
  • Safari / Chrome text box focus improperly shown
  • Seperate words rotated near eachother were sometimes detected as a single word
  • PDF thumbnails were downloaded even if the thumbnail pane was disabled
  • Wrapped text shapes on rotated pages were not added to PDF correctly
  • Check shapes on rotated pages were not added to PDF correctly
  • Text in PDF files with invalid ToUnicode CMaps could not be selected / copied
  • PDF files containing characters outside XML's allowed character range could prevent file display in browser
  • PDF files with invalid escape sequences in string objects were skipped while Acrobat copies the character behind the backslash
  • Minor printing artifact in some browsers
  • PDF files with some kinds of invalid objects could cause rendering thread not to finish
  • PDF thumbnails in multi-threaded browsers on fast computers were sometimes shown in duplicate

Released 2010-06-15

Version 1.6

First .NET 3.5 release of RAD PDF, removes MSMQ requirement, PDF form field improvements, and HTTP compression

Feature Updates
  • .NET 3.5 now required
  • MSMQ no longer required for RAD PDF
  • Slight rendering speed improvements, particularly when loading multiple document simultaneously
  • Editable combo box form fields now supported
  • Maximum length, read-only, "comb", & "autosize" can be set for PDF form fields
  • HTTP compression support (Deflate / GZIP)
  • Maintenance custom connection string & timeout options added
Bug Fixes
  • Some PDF form field formatting on 64-bit versions of Windows could cause an unhandled an exception
  • PDF files with invalid operators in its content stream could prevent proper text extraction and prevent loading of PDF
  • Error loading PDF files with certain page label types
  • Auto sized form fields were not always displayed correctly
  • PDF button form fields were not rendered properly
  • Text form fields max length not always property determined
  • Client browsers which do not support HTML encoded ampersands in URLs failed to load Client API
  • Line / Arrows added after an object with no border could create an invisible line / arrow object
  • Shape objects could not have a line with smaller than 4 set

Released 2010-04-29

Version 1.5

Improved form field manipulation, database maintenance, and rendering of unsupported PDF features

Feature Updates
  • Modify existing PDF form fields
  • Add new radio, list, & combo PDF form fields (in addition to check & text fields)
  • Improved user interface (links are now highlighted & user tools settings remembered)
  • PDF user password support
  • Unsupported PDF features can now optionally be displayed in RAD PDF
  • Form field styling improvements (respects border, tooltip, & checkmark type)
Bug Fixes
  • Tool tip corrections

Released 2010-04-01

Version 1.4

Improved PDF XFA form accommodation, 64-bit server compatibility & new server-side events

Feature Updates
  • 64-bit support added (x64 / AMD64 / Intel64 / x86-64)
  • XFA forms can now be used in RAD PDF (XFA form data is converted to the AcroForms standard)
  • Document key generation improved (better protects RAD PDF access)
  • Large PDF files now load significantly faster
  • RadPdfWebControl updated
    • SaveComplete server-side event added
    • DocumentInfo property added (retrieve common information associated with loaded document)
    • PDF property added (retrieve previously loaded document with all saved modifications, as a PDF)
    • OriginalPDF property added (retrieve previously loaded document with no modifications, as a PDF)
    • DisableClientCallbacks property added (enable / disable client callbacks to server)
    • EnablePrintSettingsDialog property added (enable / disable client print settings dialog)
    • EnableUnloadWarning property added (enable / disable warning on leaving page RAD PDF is on)
    • LoadDocument (some overloads) renamed CreateDocument
    • CopyDocument method added (copy existing documents to new document instances and open them)
    • DisableUnloadWarning property removed (to better communicate default state for UnloadWarning)
    • DocumentId property renamed to DocumentID
    • GetDocumentID property removed
    • SaveViewerProperties method removed (Viewstate now managed internally)
    • LoadViewerProperties method removed (Viewstate now managed internally)
  • RadPdfWebData updated
    • GetDocumentOriginalAsPDF method added
    • GetDocumentInfo method added
    • GetDocumentOutputData renamed to GetDocumentAsPDF (for consistency)
  • Database updated
    • docs table updated (upgrade script included)
    • keys table updated (upgrade script included)
Bug Fixes
  • PDF link creation caused error on saving
  • Missing annotation image in GUI
  • Document filenames incorrect when AllowFindMatchingPDF is true
  • RAD PDF instances in custom web controls used conflicting HTML element IDs
  • GetDocumentOutputData did not return document as PDF if document had never been modified

Released 2009-12-10

Version 1.3

Improved document loading times, annotation support, & improved browser compatibility

Feature Updates
  • Improved document loading (near instant display of first page)
  • PDF document rendering improved (pages now appear crisper and cleaner)
  • Text annotation ("Sticky Note") support added
  • Opera browser support added
  • Word detection for text selection improved
  • Documentation for web.config updated for IIS 7 with Managed Pipeline Mode set to "Integrated"
  • GUI's last tool style choices remembered
  • DocumentEditor updated
    • RadPdfTextAnnotation class added for text annotation manipulation
    • RadPdfPopupAnnotation class added for popup annotation manipulation
    • Various RadPdfObject members added (for RAD PDF object manipulation)
      • Changeable (get / set if an object's value can be changed in GUI)
      • ExportValue (get / set the export value of check form fields)
      • Multiline (get / set whether text form fields can contain multiple lines of text)
Bug Fixes
  • Check form fields could not be created in DocumentEditor using CreateObject
  • Text extraction would sometimes extract duplicate information on some pages
  • Cultural interoperation issue resolved for installations of localized versions of Windows in which comma is used as decimal separator
  • Some links were positioned incorrectly
  • Some pages could not be properly rotated
  • Some pages moved to wrong location on save
  • Some documents with deleted pages did not properly print
  • GetDocumentOutputData did not always return OutputData
  • Some GUI buttons / dialogs incorrectly rendered in IE6
  • Printing in IE7 would produce poor results with some output margin settings

Released 2009-10-23

Version 1.2

Updated PDF editor interface, document settings, & RAD PDF viewer settings.

Feature Updates
  • Form fields in PDF editor now highlighted using new partially transparent style
  • PDF text can now be selected using all supported browsers
  • RadPdfWebControl properties added
    • HideFileMenu (hides file drop down menu on TopBar)
    • HideEditMenu (hides edit drop down menu on TopBar)
    • HideRightClickMenu (hides editing menu in PDF editor when right clicked)
    • HideSelectMenu (hides selection menu on TopBar)
    • HideToolsBar (hides all tools & tabs in PDF editor interface)
    • HideToolsMenu (hides tools drop down menu on TopBar)
    • HideViewMenu (hides view / zoom menu on TopBar)
    • ViewerPage (sets default page viewer should open)
    • ViewerZoom (sets default viewer zoom level for all pages in document)
  • DocumentSettings enumeration updated
    • DisableFormFields (disable use of form fields in document)
    • DisableAnnotations (disable use of annotations in document)
    • IsReadOnlyExceptFormFields (disable all modifications except form fields)
  • DocumentEditor updated
    • CreateObject method of RadPdfPage (add new RAD PDF objects to PDF pages)
    • Various RadPdfObject members added (for RAD PDF object manipulation)
      • Deletable (get / set if object can be deleted in GUI)
      • Moveable (get / set if object can be moved in GUI)
      • ReadOnly (get / set if object text can be changed in GUI, text objects only)
      • Resizable (get / set if object can be resized in GUI)
      • Stylable (get / set if object can be styled (change font, color, etc) in GUI)
Bug Fixes
  • Some pages not properly rotated on save
  • MSMQ was not always properly configured

Released 2009-09-08

Version 1.1

Updated PDF editor interface, new DocumentEditor for PDF preprocessing, performance improvements, & minor bug fixes.

Feature Updates
  • EditDocument method added
  • DocumentEditor class added (PDF preprocessing)
  • RadPdfLibrary.Data.Document Namespace (and sub-Namespaces) added
  • RAD PDF Exception handling improved (GetLastError method removed)
  • RadPdfLibrary.Exceptions Namespace added
  • PDF rendering engine updated
  • Code optimizations and improved memory handling
  • PDF form field features added (PDF form field combs & PDF form field max length)
  • Firefox 3.5 compatible
Bug Fixes
  • Text selection not loaded in RAD PDF interface
  • Some registry settings saved in incorrect places
  • Color in some color spaces not properly parsed
  • Rotated annotations not properly displayed

Released 2009-06-01

Version 1.0

Initial Public Release of RAD PDF.

Feature Updates
  • HideTopBar property added
  • HideBookmarks property added
  • ViewerSideShown property added
  • RAD PDF now loads PDF bookmarks
  • RAD PDF now loads PDF url & page link annotations
Bug Fixes
  • Minor installer bug corrected in which RAD PDF Service would not be started until restart

Released 2009-08-13

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